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Achievements are a very interesting aspect of Ryzom and allow to give another dimension to the game. Sometimes, when I'm tired of grinding on craft and combat skills, I'll take on an achievement branch.
It seems that this aspect of the game has been neglected for a long time and I would love to see it evolve too.
  • 1° Client-server synchronization
    Exploration achievements in particular are only validated if the character is in a given zone at the time of profile save, which occurs every 8 minutes, and at relogging. It would be nice if the synchro was more efficient (it takes a long time to do all the exploration achievements, even more so if you have to log in again in each zone!
  • 2° Stray fame achievements
    Many tribes have become marauders recently, but not in the achievements. This aspect should be corrected. Also, it would be fair for marauders to have a category as well since karavan kamis and neutrals have one.
    On the other hand, I noticed an error in the fame achievements when I finished them all (yes, I am a legend :) ) : for a Neutral/Neutral profile, the required fame for Lawless is 50, but as a Neutral, you're capped at 30. This doesn't prevent you from getting the "I'm a legend" achievement, but it leaves the "Lawless" category unfinished.
  • 3° Rewards
    Yet another point system, the yubo points. Apart from a little personal glory, they don't bring much. I remember being disconcerted when I started playing and discovered these points, which are added to the dappers and elyps in the series of things you earn, but whose destination remains mysterious.

    It would be interesting if they could be converted into something (tokens for the wheel?)

    On the other hand, there are a lot of funny titles in the achievements, and I would like to be able to use them as a title once the achievement is finished.
  • 4° The interface is a bit old-fashioned and could be better integrated, like the titles and tags or rywards.
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