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Bulk crafting with sole purpose being leveling is not gameplay intensive, that part belongs to gathering the materials itself.
Crafting non specific recipes without the purpose of getting good items is a tedious process that relies on nothing, no skills required, no attention needed, no brain power spend, just purely pressing 'create' and 'loot all/drop all' in a dull afk stand still repeating action.
That's not gameplay, that's not interactive, that's not fun.

You are not using a potential 'create x' on specific supreme min/max recipes, you likely don't even have the mats required to make many at any time in bulk.
And the satisfaction of creating that piece of gear didn't come from you pressing a button, it came from other sources, like that epic fight you had with the boss, or the risky dig you had in primeroot, or the research you did to get the stats you want.
Nothing about a 'ceate x' button would change that.

A potential 'create x' button wouldn't even remove the craft time for each piece crafted, so the time spend will still be the same, all that gets removed is 1-2 clicks multiplied by the amount of crafts.

You are not crafting to keep the loot in a bulk crafting for leveling case, so you wouldn't care if it gets dropped.
Selling? no one buys crappy gear which has 1000+ similar copies for sale, and merchant value for it is so low there are way better ways to get money.

It also does nothing to prevent botting, adding extra steps only hinders players, any other step can just as easily be automated by a bot, that's what they are for in the first place, automate things. Nothing about this is going to prevent a bot or even hinder a bot.

There is already a way to remove the need to loot/drop after every single craft, you can continuously keep crafting till either the loot window gets too full and automatically loots everything or if you pay attention just drop all every X~ crafts so the automatic looting doesn't happen.

You can also overlap the loot all or drop all button over the crafting window so that the button for 'create' so you can afk spam left mouse while you watch tv, as long as you dont move your mouse ofc.

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+1, just ease the craft leveling!

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+1 on craft all
+1 on missions that gives craft experience



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A "craft all" could work identically how you can lock-in a melee attack. Then it will craft the same item just like configured until either there is no room in the inventory or one of the materials missing to keep going.

That said, the crafting window could be reworked such that it allows configuration of the bonus inside the crafting window instead of in the stanza.


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