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Since late August, forum signatures have not updated. For instance, I’ve played the majority of days in September, but my signature still shows my last login in as late August. I updated my API by creating a new number and tried to make a new signature, but that didn’t work. It seems that others are experiencing the same problem as I’ve seen active users in-game whose signatures are also displaying incorrect “last login” information.

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I can't even get a key to work to create one. Tried a few different key combinations and nothing has worked.



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I just checked on ryzom API, I get my lastlogin at right date:
<played lastlogin="1664133118" lastlogout="1664139838"> which seems correct.

Is that a signature from BM generator?
if yes, maybe ask to BM if something break on their side.

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Yes, signature image comes from bmsite which was broken.

Its fixed now.



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Good to hear that it's fixed. Thanks :)


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