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I'm helping new players on Silan mainly and can use "/who" to see if one is on the map but not their position. I thought about if it is possible to add an option on map to let them and everyone else see players up to a level of 50 (highest skill level only). The team member view on map could be used for this, maybe with a different color. I see this idea as useful on Silan mainly but could be used on mainland, too. With the limitation to level 50 (or what community thinks is useful) it wouldn't change much in game for higher players.

The low level players can find others for helping each other more easy and they know they're not alone on map when they start the game as "/who" isn't known to them.
Higher level players like me can find them and offer help.

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Il y a une condition pour que cette option soit bien : que le joueur débutant l'active lui-même.

Deux raisons à cela :
- même si on est bas niveau, on ne veut pas forcément de l'aide. Rien n'est plus désagréable que de voir quelqu'un s'inviter alors qu'on était en train de gérer à son rythme une mission
- Beaucoup de persos bas level sont des joueurs expérimentés par ailleurs. Et là, la dernière chose qu'on veut, c'est être visible.

Ainsi j'ai un personnage dont le niveau max est inférieur à 20, que je ne compte pas monter, afin de m'amuser avec certains challenges en jeu, comme traverser des zones dangereuses avec lui, sans aucune aide extérieure. J'ai aussi des personnages très bas niveau pour du rp. Si on m'offre des niveaux pour ceux-là, je ne dirais pas non, mais je n'ai vraiment pas de motivation pour grinder encore avec eux. Enfin, lorsque j'ai besoin de douceur, j'aime refaire un perso de zéro sur Silan et faire toutes les missions. Cela sans autre but que de profiter de l'ambiance unique de ce moment du jeu, calme et apaisante.

Par ailleurs, les débutants nous signalent assez souvent à quel point trop d'aide (par rapport à ce qu'ils demandent) les dégoûte du jeu. Lorsque j'aide sur Silan, je tente de le faire avec un perso dont les niveaux sont inférieurs à 50, afin de faire une vraie équipe équilibrée, sans voler le travail des autres. Pour apprendre et apprécier les nuances du jeu, il faut pouvoir faire sa part, être valorisé à tous les niveaux. Je ne dis pas que c'est une erreur d'avoir des haut niveaux sur Silan ; j'aime bien qu'un foreur expérimenté m'aide à trouver des sources ! Mais parfois, souvent même, il faut savoir se mettre en retrait et aider juste ce qu'il faut.

Dans tous ces cas, non seulement je ne veux pas qu'on vienne m'imposer de l'aide, mais je ne veux vraiment pas qu'une quelconque icone vienne signaler mon niveau. Je vivrais comme une agression qu'un haut level vienne m'imposer son "aide". Si je veux de l'aide, je la demande explicitement. Le tutoriel explique assez bien comment le faire.

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Zatalyz, first of all it would be better to reply in English so everyone can follow. Those which don't know English already have to use a translator but switching between languages...

I see your point and of course helping is never good if it is being forced on others. The high level players can ask and have to accept if the low level player declines. And most important the help should never be more than providing heals or advice as the new player would underestimate the danger from enemies then, die a lot when the high level player isn't around.

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Sbeck: I don't think one should expect other people to reply in English. Using a translator is not that difficult and there's no reason that English--or French or any other language for that matter--should be the default. This is a game for everyone.


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Sbeck: I don't think one should expect other people to reply in English. Using a translator is not that difficult and there's no reason that English--or French or any other language for that matter--should be the default. This is a game for everyone.

Once upon a time I thought the same thing. But then I started thinking differently.
So if in the topic started in English I see messages in other languages that I do not understand - I just skip them.
It's not because I'm just evil or lazy (tho I'm both evil and lazy). I just don't want to waste time on things that others have deemed unnecessary to waste their time on.
And I just simply don't open topics with a title not in English - I don't understand anything there and messages inside are definitely not written implying me as a reader.

As for the idea, it's a good idea.

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Locith, I didn't mean it to start a language debate or to close anyone out from the discussion, it is the opposite. I will talk about it now to make my point clearer and hope you understand then.

I started this thread in English and German and responded to Zatalyz in English and French as a form of respect. I didn't mean and didn´t want to express English would be more important or more worth than French. I think if we don't use a language as common base, requiring to use as few people as possible to use a translator we build a barrier to join the discussion, close them out.

Let me explain what I mean, please. Imagine a discussion in which all people use a different language and expect all others to use a translator, switching the languages from message to message for following the thread. They use English, French, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Tamil, Spanish and so on, everyone in their own many people do you think will join and follow the discussion if they need to translate almost all posts?

In international correspondence English is still the Lingua Franca although French and Spanish are used in many nations as first language. Sure, you could reply that more people use French (I'm not sure about this) but if we go for the amount of people which speak a language we would need to start to write in Chinese...but how many chinese people are online and how many of them don't know at least basic english? And Chinese is more distant from English than French is, chinese people have much more to learn than others, including the alphabet.

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this is a good idea,

or/also maybe doing something like, adding an icon next to a new players name. Similar to what Final Fantasy 14 does with their new players and a sprout icon next to their name.
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