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Sans vouloir être offensant d'aucune sorte, il faudrait que tu nous expliques en quoi quelqu'un qui refuse d'être aidé sans le demander et qui veut découvrir le jeu à son rythme est quelque chose d'anti-culturel. Cela serait plus utile parce que là, on ne comprend rien.

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I see...
So here, some solutions :
Should I be sorry for my attitude ?
Should I be offended that I'm called disrespectful for only giving my opinion ?
Should I be sorry for being french?
Should I be offended for being attacked this way?

No, sorry, really I don't get it.

By the way, you should read again your own signature, Gidget :
"Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you. "

I'm speaking on MY name. In french, "Personnellement" means : my opinion.

Thanks for sharing your opinion that mine is shit.

#18 Multilingual 

Frankly, not worth it.

Yes, sure, not a bad idea if there were a popup on first spawn on Silan asking if they want this, if there were a toggle in Config where one could turn it off, if there weren't many other things needed there that affect all players, if adding whole refreshing everybody in the zone with potentially multiple locations (how often?) wasn't both non-trivial to implement nor potentially significant increase in network traffic ...

New Silan added a mission where Uni is pointed out. That was brilliant idea and amazing bang for the buck. This ... maybe when we grow up :D

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might be easier to expand the scope and add a LFG (looking for group) at least the time investment would be worth it as it would be usable by anyone rather then low level only


#20 [fr] 

+1 ! J'ai eu le même soucis quand j'ai voulu aider sur Silan ! Après effectivement, il faudrait voir une option pour l'activer ou non (désactivée par défaut évidement), histoire de ne pas se sentir traqué non plus.
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