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Urged (in private!) by a homina close to the Court to respond to the desire of an evidently worried King, Nilstilar resolves, at last, to address a request to the Federation.
Yrkanis, on Harvestor 11, 2619-4, ad Nair Governoress Ailan Mac'Kean

Your Excellency,

What follows would have deserved, in my opinion, that my well-beloved Karan takes the reed pen himself. But then again, I guess diplomats have to be useful for something...

During the closed session that concluded the last Chamber of the Nobles, the results of the investigation launched following the kidnapping of the Filirae Aylia were communicated to the assembly: ser Pebre di Ciosi, the proven culprit of the abduction in question, was last seen in the Heretic's Hovel. The Court suspects that he is trying to reach the Lakes to escape the justice of the Kingdom, and Nya Karan immediately posted a wanted notice in all the towns of the Forest, a copy of which you will find below.

Now, a short time ago, while I was talking with Filira Frerini about private matters, we were joined in Avalae by Nair Eolinius, ambassador of Your Excellency to the Theocracy, who told us about the recent irruption in Fairhaven, in Nair Liffan's establishment, of a particularly arrogant Matis, proclaiming his contempt for Trykers! The description that Nair Eolinius gave us of the behavior of this man immediately put us on the alert: ser Di Ciosi has already, before the villainous kidnapping mentioned above, been known for his jinovist opinions, his prejudices typical of the followers of The True Sap of which he is most certainly one. And, indeed, Ser Eolinius, said us he was recognizing more or less the features of the individual in the portrait illustrating the wanted notice that we showed him then.

Therefore, I come today to request from Your Excellency, in the name of His Majesty, the authorization for the Matis troops to enter Aeden Aqueous to hunt down this scoundrel.

As, however, I know full well that such authorization cannot be granted by Your Excellency at once (democracy has its requirements and the Nair Commander of Bai Trykali will, at the very least, have to be notified), please know that I am at Your Excellency's disposal to make the official request at the next Taliari Assembly. I add that this will be with confidence: by not lynching ser Pebre as soon as he publicly uttered his insults at Nair Liffan's, the people of the Lakes have proven, once again, their benevolence.

Seelagan, Your Excellency.
Nilstilar Thorec
Ambassador b'Yem Lornair'Karan be Naw Trykoth Federation

THIS MEMBER OF THE TRUE SAP IS WANTED for endangering the security of the Kingdom

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Nair Ambassador Nilstilar,
The Karan's request is serious. The approval of the Taliari is indeed required. But it is essential that we respond quickly. I don't like the idea of this individual being loose in the Lakes. Ba'Naer has been upset, he who is already in a very bad mood he is at the moment.
I have therefore decided to call an extraordinary assembly of the Taliari to be held on 20h - Tria, Fallenor 27, 1st AC 2620(*).
I am counting on your presence, which is always highly anticipated, to tell us more.

Ailan Mc'Kean
Governor of the Federation of Naw Trykoth

PS: We will have to discuss protocol issues. Do I really look like an Excellency?

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Exhausted by his attending, careful as never, to the Assembly's debates, Nilstilar soon dozed off on the beach of Eastmarket, in front of the fire kept by the Fairhaven guards. It was not until morning, after he had returned to his home and enjoyed his ritual chai, that he took to his writing case to draft the missive informing his King of the decision made the day before by the Federation.
Yrkanis, on Mystia 15, 2620-1

Your Majesty,

It was with reluctance that I decided a few days ago to submit Your request to Her Excellency Ailan Mac'Kean. Namely, to authorize Matis troops to enter Aeden Aqueous in search of Pebre Di Ciosi.

Reluctance, because Your will to introduce such a request was brought to my attention by an unusual way, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, because the said request appeared to me, given the bad memories left to the people of the Lakes by the last such "entering", to be audacious... not to say provocative. In fact, I wondered for some time if this matter was not a plot to discredit me, both in the Kingdom and in the Lakes. Your Majesty can see from this that no one, even a seasoned diplomat, is immune to a conspiratorial delusion.

It is therefore to get out of this nascent delusion that I took the liberty, in formulating the aforementioned request to Ailan Mac'Kean, of suggesting to her to make it public, i. e. to call an Assembly of the Taliari destined to rule on the follow-up to be given to it, an Assembly in front of which I declared myself ready to intervene. This was done. And although the minutes of the debates of the said Assembly is to be soon be made public too, I come here to give you their conclusion: the request of the Kingdom was rejected by the Assembly, but the latter unanimously adopted the following motion: "The Federal Army will capture Pebre di Ciosi, whom the Federation will then put on trial for advocating slavery. Following which we will hand him over to the Royal Army at the Tryker-Matis border."

In conclusion, I am, of course, at your Majesty's disposal to share with the Chamber of the Nobles the one and only Matis "point of view" on the said debates (that day, I was indeed, alas, the only Subject of the Kingdom to follow them).
Nilstilar Thorec
Ambassador of Your Majesty to the Federation of Naw Trykoth

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"We agreed?"
Ailan Mac'Kean stared at Denen Toen, waiting for his answer. Wherever he has been at the time, he had quickly responded to the invitation brought by the Governoress izam and no less quickly understood what was at stake in the Federation's proposed trial.
"The best way is indeed to send him back to the Kingdom promptly, while keeping our heads high by judging him here behind closed doors.
- Let us hope that the Karan's police will be able to make him talk. We have not been able to discover his accomplices...
- You are still convinced he had accomplices?
- The weapons cache where Bai Trykali cornered him was well stocked. He couldn't have built it alone, I think."
Denen Toen nodded and added nothing.

A few weeks later, the verdict delivered at the close of the trial was posted on the walls of every city in the Federation.
Federation of Naw-Trykoth

On Floris 29 CA1 2621, Fairhaven

The named Pebre di Ciosi is found guilty of advocating slavery.
His material goods located in the territory of the Federation are confiscated as a fine.
He is declared undesirable for life in this same territory.
He will be brought back to the border with the Matis Kingdom to be handed over to the Karan's emissaries.
Beilly O’Gan
Federal Justicel

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