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August Promotional Offer: Get an albino mektoub mount with any subscription of at least one month!

Dear player,

Do you dream of traveling on a mektoub with a unique coat?
Then this offer is for you!

Indeed, from August 1 to 31, 2022, we are offering a character in your Premium account an albino mektoub mount (*).
To get your reward, login with your Premium account in August or subscribe then for at least one month!

Ryzom team

I subscribe to take advantage of the offer and get an albino mektoub mount.

(*) Exclusive offer valid from August 1st to midnight of August 31st 2022 (UTC).
During this period, a non-exchangeable albino mektoub mount is offered to each account with an active subscription of at least 1 month. To collect your reward, choose the character on that subscribed account who will receive the mount, log in to the game and click on the dedicated button.

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I dont see any button for this


Atys Ascending

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Neither do I. Only link to forums post

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le bouton apparaît sur la homepage du webIG, en jeu, donc.
Last visit Mon Aug 8 22:10:26 2022 UTC

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