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Honestly didn't know where to put this; doesn't feel like technical issue.

Article 14
c) to use any procedure to make it easier to obtain any instruction faster than through the ordinary course of play

Maybe needs bit of refinement? So if it makes harder to obtain any instruction faster, that'd be OK? One would guess not.

In any case, concrete question:
Am I allowed to use keyboard macro (using software that came with keyboard) to click 'Make item' and then press 'E' (which is my Take all key) in a loop? It certainly won't be faster, same at best but most likely slower since I would have to account for potential lag and add some overhead. But it would be easier in a sense.

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III. Game Integrity Infringement
3. Utilization of a bot (*)

Major Offence
() *Using a third-party program to play through scripted actions.
Using macros which are not part of Ryzom's integrated macro system in order to make your character partly or completely independent of your direct control is strictly prohibited.
Control of several characters by the use of a third-party program is strictly prohibited. If, during a check, the Support Team is not able to discern whether a player is abusing this rule, the player will have to provide the proof that they are not using any third-party software to control several characters at the same time.

5. Exploit

Critical, Major or Minor Offence, depending upon the case
The concept of exploit covers any use of a third-party program, a client modification or recompilation or (ab)use of a bug to gain an advantage over the other players.

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