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I propose an npc vendor feature where you can trade one level of generic materials for a certain number of another. For instance, this vendor npc would trade a thousand q100 choice generic mats for, say, two-hundred q250 choice generic mats.

This is because gubani wheel winnings give a variety of levels of generic materials, but often you only need the high level ones, and the others just pile up uselessly in your inventory.

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What a great idea. This would be useful for those who have no more sub 100 crafting skills, or anything near it. I think this would be a great addition.


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I'd finally have a use for all those q100 potatoes.


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Ou plus facile peut être, que les génériques mp s'échangent contre des jetons comme pour les perruques et autres.

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Because dailies rewards (not mission rewards) are the same regardless of the level range ypu choose in the settings, i use the q100 generic mats to do crafting dailies 50-99. Pretty fast to do.

Anyway, I agree with the idea to have a choice to exchange them for higher level generic mats, because being one doing low level craft dailies doesn't means everyone have to do, so that seems a good idea.


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Great idea!

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