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In an ideal world we could assign any available icon of correct format and size to any action. Even custom designed ones. We're the only one seeing them so I see no harm in allowing that.

But ... that's quite a bit of work for small QoL improvement. Not really worth it.

However, I do believe there's a partial fix possible and it shouldn't be that difficult.

If I'm not completely off (haven't looked at come, guilty as charged), action designer has, among others, these two methods/events:
  • sort stanzas
  • select an icon that will be action's icon if user ended the build
And they are called/get triggered on any list change.

Solution, as I see it, is as follows:
  • Don't invoke sort method at all. Allow any valid stanza/credit to be top of the list. Of course base stays locked at the top.
  • Icon selection always returns 1. Again with the assumption stanza list is some enumerable object with base 0.

This combined would have the effect that whatever is top of the list contributes its icon.

Simple example:
Fight action. User places say 'After parry' at the top and then action gets icon from 'After parry' credit.

Credits being at the top even isn't that much of a precedence since that's how crafting actions look. Which is a bit of inconsistency but ... some other time.

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However, I do believe there's a partial fix possible and it shouldn't be that difficult.

Selecting first icon from list seems easy, but there is special cases where that does not work that well.

Then there is reordering requirement on UI side (or force rebuilding just to select icon), which with current UI is difficult.

I believe its significantly easier to store index on server side which allows user to select which icon to use. This would also be "backward compatible" with current system.

Currently icon is selected by highest action level and some special case heuristics.



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You can track status of this in this merge request



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Isn't it possible to use clientside textures?
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