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Here is a table of all the useful Malus Crafting combinations.

Thanks to Magezz for excellent formatting to make this readable in the forum.

Malus crafting is a technique where you craft at a higher q than required, while wearing pieces of Heavy Armor and Medium Armor.  The malus of the armor drops the q of the final crafted item in a predictable way, but the higher hp/focus boost of the original q remains on the final armor.

The most popular example is this:   For q220 gear, normally the highest hp/focus you can add is 110.   But if you wear six pieces of HA ( any old set, it doesn't have to be good ), and set up your craft for q250, you will craft a piece of q220 gear that has 125 points of hp/focus per piece.   This isn't as impressive as the boosts from Armilo crafting, but it is free and simple.

To use this chart, find the q that the player requires in the FINAL Q column of the chart.  This q doesn't need to be a multiple of 10.  If the number isn't there, use the q just below it.  Then wear the number of pieces of heavy and medium armor given in that row, and set up your crafting to be the INIITIAL Q.

These are not all the combinations possible, but the values in this chart give the highest extra hp/focus boost you can get with malus crafting for a given q.   For brevity I have also excluded all combinations where the difference between final q and initial q is less than five points, as that would be of neglegible benefit.




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I had some notes on this but not quite as extensive for sure.
Great job!

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