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My purpose for this topic is to discuss the possibility of a new title for Atys Fame. As is known, every individual has the ability to change the way tribes interact with their toon – some are race defined where they automatically love or hate you based upon your civilization allegiance, some are affected by cult allegiance, and others are affected by your organization affiliate. Now, tribal fame really does not matter if you are Kami/Kara/Marauder or Ranger, all have the ability to achieve “Maximum Positive Fame” with one or all 52 tribes on Atys – which is not impossible but extremely time-consuming and at times, requires a delicate balancing act so not to affect your other standing (civilization/cult) from your particular path. There is also an additional balancing act for Fame that is achievable (with a sacrifice of course) where a toon can obtain max positive fame with all 52 tribes (where he/she has full protection) – be allowed full protection from the 4 Civilizations (have the ability to trade as well) – be able to purchase all “neutral teleporters” from both Kami and Kara (Nexus included) – and finally; be allowed to enter the Marauder Basecamp with full protection (just not the ability to trade). The sacrifice or trade-off is you lose all TP’s for Q250 zones and for Prime Roots (benefit of being aligned).

I find it a little odd that a toon can obtain a fame title of “Atys Citizen” when you are excluding both Tribal Fame and Marauder protection/accessibility within their basecamp. The game mechanics allow for what I just described above to be achievable (I am not saying that it is easy though) and I propose a new fame title and the prerequisite for obtaining and maintaining (this is similar to a Zora Awakened where you need to be 100/100 Zora/Kami and be granted this title – if you slip in either, you lose the title).

New Title: Atys Emissary

Prerequisite: Neutral/Neutral/Undefined

1. All 52 Tribes must have “maximum positive fame” achieved – then maintained within a 2-point margin – for example: if your Arid Matis maximum is 50, then once achieved the lowest can only be 48 (simply impossible to maintain all max based upon game mechanics) – this would apply for every tribe based upon their maximum fame level (some are 30, some are 50 and some are 80 – for this particular path that I am mentioning; I understand that aligned toons will be able to achieve 100 for certain/specific tribes but not relevant for this topic).

2. All 4 Civilizations must be “neutral” and all 4 must have a fame level of minus 30 (no less, no more) – minus 30 allows for entry into the city, protection, and tradability. This balance is required for #3 (Marauder part) to work – the protection is tied in with what tribes are aligned with what civilization and what your fame is with those tribes. (You can still enter a city beyond minus 30 but no protection nor tradability would be afforded based upon your tribe-associated fame).

3. All 3 Cults must be “neutral” allegiance with Kami and Karavan at minus 30 and Marauder at plus 30 (no less, no more/again perfect balance is required) – minus 30 allows for the purchase of all neutral teleporters (including Nexus) but excludes from any Q250 zone and Prime Roots – plus 30 for Marauder allows for full protection entry into the Basecamp (but no tradability) but this access is predicated upon your Marauder aligned tribes to be at maximum positive fame. Also, your organization needs to be undefined just as when you created your toon on Silan – this is not negotiable (actually, this is the most important part of this entire journey). Any defined organization will not work for this journey.

4. Once this fame is achieved – then the roaming patrol(s) for each tribe will protect/defend you just as if you were entering their camp. It seems odd to me that a toon can enter a particular tribal area, be protected within said area but the roaming patrols ignore you. Now, I am only proposing that the roaming patrol protection is activated once, and only once the new said title is applied to your toon. Also, I see no reason why there are dynastic purchasable items and not tribal ones based upon fame. Tribal protection is invaluable and nothing to balk about, but it would be nice to see tribal-specific purchasable items based upon fame.

I understand that this may not be very popular (for one reason or another), that when an individual starts a journey, he/she either read about the Root ball, have friends who played a particular way/style, wanted to follow a particular idea (I did. I was one of only a hand-full of Zora Awakened on the previous server, and for about 1yr after the merger) – but then the roleplay idea leaves and you just want to hang-out with toons with no issues that would or could be brought about by choosing sides during an OP war, or who to hunt or dig with, and even being a Ranger seemed to have issues of not being truly “neutral”.
So, I will end this the same way that I started it, I believe that a new fame title should be given to toons who truly want to represent Atys to the fullest. I understand that there is no true “representative interaction” between toons with regard to tribes, war, and cult beliefs but since the game mechanics allow it, then maybe we should recognize those toons for the efforts of representation because even though they may not represent your idea of “gameplay”, they are representing the whole of Atys.

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Being fairly new to the community I have been wondering what advantages fame actually holds outside of telepacts? Is there really that much importance or diffences of game play?

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New Title: Atys Emissary
Idea is good, but i don't like word "Emissary":
"An emissary is often a person who is sent somewhere in order to act as a representative. The key in that sentence is "sent"..."
"...emissaries are sent on missions. ...emissaries are more likely to be representing governments, political leaders, and nonreligious institutions, and an emissary's mission is usually to negotiate or to gather information."
I don't like being sent out, especially on missions for someone to collecting all sorts of data or all sorts of negotiations. I like to just hang around freely through any dubious nooks and crannies.

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@Yeizang, Les tribus peuvent vous défendre contre les mobs qui vous pourchassent, bien pratique parfois, ou vous tuer.
Selon votre réputation les pays et les tribus ferons plus ou moins affaire avec vous. 3%A9s/Am%C3%A9liorer_ses_renomm%C3%A9es#Les_r.C3.A9putations_aupr .C3.A8s_des_tribus

L'idée est bien. Je pense aussi que le titre n"est pas adapté.

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Erenkyl 3%A9s/Am%C3%A9liorer_ses_renomm%C3%A9es#Les_r.C3.A9putations_aupr .C3.A8s_des_tribus

Link above broken
FR: 3%A9s/Am%C3%A9liorer_ses_renomm%C3%A9es#Les_r.C3.A9putations_aupr .C3.A8s_des_tribus
DE: i_den_St.C3.A4mmen

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+1 to the idea!

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Thanks for the feedback - the actual title name does not matter really - just the fact that it is recognized like any other accomplishment would be nice. Besides, Atys Citizen is not really a true citizen of Atys :P

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Interesting idea. It should be easy enough for the development team to do since they already have a fame mechanism in-place for tribal interaction.

Also, I thought of this the other day - the roaming tribal patrols should also either protect you as the regular tribe would if your fame is high enough or attach you on-site just as if you ran through a tribal area.

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Interesting idea. It should be easy enough for the development team to do since they already have a fame mechanism in-place for tribal interaction.

Also, I thought of this the other day - the roaming tribal patrols should also either protect you as the regular tribe would if your fame is high enough or attach you on-site just as if you ran through a tribal area.

I always wondered why the roamers even exist. They just get in the way if anything. I always wished i could use them to protect me, especially when navigating through the forest mazes.


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Thanks Thgilsrooc - just hoping that toons who take the time to assimialte themselves to their maximum positive fame - should be rewarded somehow...does not seem unreasonable what has been previously mentioned nor outside of what the game already gives.

Have a great day :)

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I wonder why this has never been seriously looked into nor discussed...his idea makes complete sense - solid in game design and it seems like some achievement should be doable for recognition.

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Tribal improvements come up often, but from my view a title isn’t the best improvement there could be. We have had some tribes essentially go Marauder now and the daily missions utilize the Tribal NPCs better. Game mechanics regarding tribe NPCs and even Tribal Citizenship are still being pondered.
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