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My suggestion is to make it real simple:
  • Do not touch a players premium days at all. They are on the account and remain there.
  • Allow every account to buy premium days and specify a target character name (and credit it to the account which holds that character instead of the player's own account).
This has threefour advantages:
  • I can easily specify the amount of days
  • I know the exact costs
  • I can understand the system.
  • Less space for error (like accidentially donating 2 years of premium)

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Is the "give away subscription" an actual separate gift to another account or is it just transferring your subscription to the other account?
I gifted a sub to another account yesterday and now the account that did the gifting is back to free mode without a subscription so to me, it looks like it's the latter.

Actually you are just transferring the last transaction you made to your billing system. So let's say you paid for a year's subscription but only have 6 months left and you give it away to a friend, they will only get the remaining 6 months.


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I have a suggestion too :)
Right now when you gift a subscription, the receiving player instantly gets it, they don't even need to accept it. I think it is not very good because some players might want to remain f2p. So I think the receiver should be able to claim the gift if they want to do so.
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