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I'd like to propose to keep the ability to drop items similar or identical to current Easter's 'hide nests' for other players inside the game. Maybe the graphics could be changed to that of a dropped bag or a small chest outside event times. I definitely think that this possibility to drop items for other players at arbitrary locations adds a very interesting element for player interaction. And it also opens MANY possibilities for role play etc. Essentially it allows players to place items in the game.
Maybe a small change or modification could be applied to make it more worthwhile or versatile and not grind the server to a halt:
- allow name-locked, guild-locked and freely-accessible by everyone drops / bags / nests. Notifications will only be sent by mail for name-locked ones, maybe in channel for guild.
- introduce an expiry time, so that they decay when not retrieved within a certain period. This could typically be one Atysian year (but a real year, not vanishing on season-change).
Bonus modifications:
- Allow selection of how the item looks within reason: bag, chest, vial, ...
- Allow the original creator to always access and modify the nest
- Allow designation of guild name freely, other than own.
- Allow setting different (shorter) expiry time
- Allow adding dapper to the nest
- Allow adding animals to the nest. Their ingame display then is the animal wandering around that spot.
Possibly necessary modification:
- Disallow placing universal mats, and other non-tradable items (otherwise it defies the purpose of not being tradable)
- Allow placing tradable mats like armour, weapons and jewels.

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As long as we don't have to kill the chests. ;)

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+1 Bonne idée

Une chose qui pourrait aussi plaire à tous les joueurs RP, c'est de pouvoir laisser un message, une lettre, dans le coffre. Ou simplement, que l'objet puisse avoir l'apparence simple d'une lettre (qui pourrait être scellée magiquement, ouvrable seulement par son destinataire).


"Quand on a le nez trop près de la bouteille, on ne voit plus le bar"

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I'm annoyed, but I agree with Eeri.

It opens up a lot of RP perspectives...

Thanks to the dev

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