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Heya.. I played over ten years ago, checked back several times and now decided to play some more on Atys. But the game changed and it would be nice to find players who show me the new Ryzom.. and who would love to go on bosshunts, do some lvling and such...

Any guilds who would be interested? Most of the posts on guilds here in the forum are pretty old so I don't know who's active or not... And... is the guild The Free Souls still active? Thank you for your support and c u ingame soon..

Cheers, Numor

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Hello Numor
The free souls are still active and still organising the boss hunts. I think there is one tonight !
You can contact chanchey in game.
Good game!



Kyriann Ba'Zephy Rie
Ancienne Cheffe de la guilde Bai Nhori Drakani
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Hey Numor!

Wir sind noch aktiv :D Beste Zeiten, mich zu erwischen ist Montag, Dienstag oder Donnerstag Abend, so ab 20:30 Uhr :) Oder schreib eine ingame-Mail! Fein, von Dir zu hören.


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