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Hello Atys,

I've been playing Ryzom for about two weeks now and I'm obsessed. As a long-time player of Star Wars Galaxies, I enjoy sandbox gameplay, exploration, and complex crafting. The last few weeks have been so fun that I've already subscribed for that sweet double xp :)

The good homins of Atys have been very kind and helpful to me in my journies so far. I look forward to adventuring with many of you in the future.

I have a couple of questions:

(1) Is it possible to view another homin's achievements? I know there is a way to inspect someone's profile, but I'm more specifically asking if one can see all of their earned titles, professions, etc.?

(2) How do most people go about trading? I've seen people use the Universe channel, but I'm wondering if there is a Trade/Auction channel? I know that people resell through merchant NPCs too, but is there a way to search for an item universe-wide?

(3) A kind soul gave me enough dappers to buy an apartment. So now I have a beautiful apartment in Yrkis. Where can I get a hold of furniture?

Thank you so much!


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Someone saw my post and answered my questions in Universe chat. I'll summarize the answers here for anyone else who has the same questions in the future:

(1) It is only possible to view what another player wants to display in their profile. Some people put information in their profiles and some use the roleplay forum to tell their homin's story.

(2) People generally use the Universe chat to announce what they're selling and buying. There's not a way to search all merchants.

(3) To access the furniture in your home, in-game do the following:

1. Shift + W
2. Ryzhome app
3. Open Rykea Catalog
4. Press National Handicraft
5. Choose the nation where your apartment is
6. Press Startpack
7. Press Buy


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Welcome in this game. That someone was kind enough to give you 1 Mega dappers shows the generosity of some...
I don't want to put a cloud on your enthusiasm, far from that, but Ryzom reflects all the aspects of Real Life....good and bads ^^
I've seen many things here, i left many times (you will see that it's not uncommon at all), but it's a unique game...and generally you return :)
Enjoy, and welcome again.

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(1) Is it possible to view another homin's achievements? I know there is a way to inspect someone's profile, but I'm more specifically asking if one can see all of their earned titles, professions, etc.?

Some player add informations here : https://www.ryzomarmory.com/characters. It use Ryzom API, so it is necessary to add key on the app. More information here :
- https://en.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Apps/Ryzom_API
- https://en.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Webapps_main

Personally I don't add my keys there because I find it too intrusive; there is some information I'm willing to share with my friends, but not "everyone" and we can't set the rights fine enough.

Welcome in the game, have fun !

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Il est seulement possible de voir ce qu'un autre joueur veut afficher dans son profil. Certaines personnes mettent des informations dans leurs profils et d'autres utilisent le forum de jeu de rôle pour raconter l'histoire de leur homin.

Certains joueurs mettent aussi l'histoire de leur personnage sur le Wiki de Ryzom
Le Wiki contient une masse énorme d'informations sur Ryzom mais il est assez difficile d’accès au premier abord pour les nouveaux joueurs qui doivent déjà comprendre comment il est organisé. De plus il est séparé par "langues" et les pages peuvent êtres différentes suivant ces langues malgré l'immense travail des bibliothécaires pour le tenir a jour.

Par exemple voici les pages des personnages-joueurs de la version française et la version anglaise
(chaque joueur peut créer sa page d'information sur le Wiki)



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Thanks, Zatalyz and Eolinius, for the additional information. Ryzom Armory is a useful resource and I look forward to someday adding Locith's story to the RP forums. :)


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