We are considering adding an option for a player to give a 1, 3, 6 or 12 month subscription to the player account of their choice. Would you be interested in this feature?
Yes 41 (7)
No 1
Maybe 5
Other 0
Abstain 3

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Poder regalar un abono a un amigo

Estamos estudiando la posibilidad de añadir una opción para que un jugador regale una suscripción de 1, 3, 6 o 12 meses a la cuenta de jugador que elija.
¿Le interesaría esta función?

- Sí
- No
- Tal vez

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I think it is a great idea. I'm new to Ryzom but I think it's important to support independent and community-run games. I would definitely consider buying and gifting subscriptions. It would also be fun to host player-run competitions and activities with prizes of subscription time.


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Oui mais j'aimerais avoir plus d'info sur les modalités:)


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C'est une très bonne idée !

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Excellente idée. Dés fois on est dans le creux de la vague dés fois au sommet.

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Si les cadeaux permettent de payer la traduction sur tous les canaux, pourquoi pas.

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I have been asking for this for years .... but implementation is the key ....

So I go thru my list of old players whom I haven't seen in a while and, I assume for privacy reasons, staff send an -mail to them with a personal message saying "Hey FyrosFreddy would like to see your avatar in game again ... so much so that he's offered to spring for a 3 month subscription for you .. how about you pop in and say hello to old friends"

There should be an allotted response time where the offer is valid. If they don't show,the sponsor doesn't get charged... if they do he / she does.

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The feature has been added!
Click here to learn more.

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