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While cleaning out my apartment, I found a secret hatch. I cannot tell you where it is, for someone might attempt to break in. But inside, there were the most peculiar amber cubes.

One of them, particularly, appears to be quite old! Could it be a variation, or perhaps an earlier source, of the legends we know today? I have transcribed its contents here as accurately as possible.

The creature that sleeps below Atys

What I have hidden away in this amber cube, and what you’re about to find out, is a story that in times long gone was passed down from generation to generation, across all of hominkind.

It was told that very deep underground, far below the deepest known tunnels of Atys where no homin has ever set foot, there exists the most beautiful paradise you can imagine. Lush forests with trees that no homin has ever seen before and giant lakes with water as clear as the sky on a summer day. Caves of such grand scale that the plants glowing on the ceiling appear as numerous stars as bright as the sun. Here sleeps the Creator of Atys, the source of its life.

When Atys was still dark and gray, when nothing was alive, when darkness was everywhere, from the heavens the Creator, the Life Giver, appeared. Wings larger than a Botoga tree, fearsome eyes that glow brightly in the darkness, a skin covered in scales of the darkest color, and claws the shape of a Bothaya. His breath, green as poisonous Yelk gas, spread to every corner of every tunnel down below; to every mountain top up high. The Sap started flowing through Atys.

From the seeds that were contained in the Sap, an enormous tree started growing. Its roots deep below the surface, its highest branches higher than the sky. The tree became the lands that provide us food, from it flowed the rivers and the water we drink.
From the seeds that were contained in the Sap, new plants were formed. From the smallest bushes in the desert to the highest trees in the forests.
From the seeds that were contained in the Sap, new creatures were born. Creatures we care for, and creatures that scare us. Creatures that have walked across all of Atys long before us.

The plants flourished and the creatures procreated, the Creator had used nearly all of his power. He went far below the deepest known tunnels, to the roots of Atys. He went to sleep.

Were anyone to awaken Him from this sleep, an uncontrollable rage would overtake His mind, bringing death and darkness. The destruction of Atys and all of the life it harbors.

Whether or not this story is true, nobody will ever really know. As for where the homins came from, who or what the Karavan and the Kami claim to be, and how the Kitins came into existence, those are all stories for another time.

I wonder who the previous owner of this apartment could have been!


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