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Hi all thx for the fun

So far I run Ryzom from steam but ...

I heard it is possible and better to run it alone ie. without Steam.

Is there a guide available for people that are noobs at linux ... like step by step and easy to follow for s/o with very low knowledge of Linux?

(I saw one for power users and that felt a bit too much ...)

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Well...you go directly to the Ryzom site, you download "RyZtart" (it's called ryztart_installer_x86_64.tgz), you open it in a rep with the archive manager and you install it...
I use Ubuntu Studio and Ubuntu Mate (2 PCs) i didn't have any particular problem and I didn't have anything particular to do.
If you are on Steam and was not subbed i guess you just have to desinstall it first. I cannot help you further, i never played Ryzom on Steam.

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