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So as of now the damage of bomb spells and launchers works selectively: it hits hostiles and neutrals, but avoids allies and team mates. The most significant impact it does in PvP. This kind of spells and weapons seem to be balanced by credit cost, ammo bulk etc. Yet when the way around these limitations is found, be it bringing a couple of 250 healers or a herd of packers, the usage of AoE damage becomes a mindless task. Simply fire at the target, all while dealing a ton of damage to multiple targets around the main one. Press just one button and the game picks "correct" targets for you. Fire-and-forget, that's too easy. There is no skill and no tactic in using AoE damage.

Friendly fire could be a game changer.

a) Make players to actually watch their targets, position themselves, acting thoughtfully knowing well that one shot could hurt or kill a few of allies instead of enemies. Skill of the player becomes important.

b) Bring some tactical depth to PvP with careful use of AoE damage and new counters to proliferation of launchers and spamming bombs. PvP gains more variety and becomes more interesting.


"People let the same problem make them miserable for years when they could just say "So what". That's one of my favorite things to say. "So what". - Andy Warhol.

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This would make whole Atys to a PvP-Zone...
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