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Patch 896

A client data update will be made on February 11, 2022 to fix the following issues caused by a previous patch (Patch 895):

  • Fixed certain items not stacking even though seemingly identical.
  • Fixed too-encumbered error that sometimes occurs when trading items from non-bag inventories.
  • Fixed issues with the display of RyzHome items.
  • Fixed too many decimals in player trade bulk and weight indicators.
  • Fixed missing translation in the Ranger Rite.
  • Fixed incorrect height for NPC/object speech bubbles.
  • Changed item buff icons placement.
  • Removed quantity indicator on items when quantity is 1.
  • Workers have begun placing the scenery for the new welcome area for newcomers to Silan.


The Ryzom Team remains at your disposal for any additional information and best wishes to you!


Ryzom Team

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