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Creator of the event: Event Team.
Type of event: RP assembly.
Appropriate levels: All.

Date of the event: , 13 February 20:00:00 UTC (6 months ago).
Expected duration: About two hours.
Meeting place: Each suitor will receive the matis in a different place during the event. Nirni di Varello will be near the rotoa of Avalae, Chiabre di Ciosi and Cini di Otravaldo will be in their appartment in Yrkanis.

Homins concerned: Matis Nobles, Matis Vassals and inhabitants of the Kingdom. Foreign Ambassadors and official homins could possibly be accepted by some of the suitors.
Synopsis: The Karan (King) Stevano asks the Nobles and Vassals to give him their opinion on Karin (Prince) Aniro's bride. He has required each of the suitors to organize her own presentation in the place of her choice.
To learn more:IC Announcement

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Karan (King) Stevano was waiting to receive the first responses from his Nobles and Vassals. Not so much to help him make his next choice for the Karin's wife, but to know their opinion of each suitor... and to judge how quickly they would respond to a request from their sovereign.
He had decided not to intervene in any way during the meetings he had asked each one to organize for her own presentation. It was up to them to take advantage of this. He simply asked that the invitations be posted and distributed widely.

Posters were therefore put up in large numbers throughout the Kingdom, calling on the Matis Nobles and Vassals to give the Karan their opinion on those deemed worthy of marrying the Karin Aniro, who in turn posted their invitation to meet them:
Invitation from Chiabre di Ciosi
Lady Chiabre di Ciosi will receive the Matis Nobles in her apartments in Yrkanis on 17h - Prima, Floris 19, 2nd AC 2617(*). They may be accompanied by Matis Vassals of their acquaintance if they think it useful.
Foreign ambassadors will be received at a later date.
You will present yourself directly to the Apartment Caretaker Ciero Visti.
Lady Chiabre di Ciosi
Invitation from Nirni di Varello
The di Varello family invites the inhabitants of the Majestic Garden to a country snack near this major symbol of our culture, the Rotoa of Bravichi, to meet the one who makes its pride: Nirni di Varello, grand niece of Duke di Varello.
Foreign ambassadors will be accepted by invitation from Nobles.
The festivities will begin on 17h - Prima, Floris 19, 2nd AC 2617(*) and will continue until 9h - Tria, Floris 21, 2nd AC 2617(**).
di Varello Family
Invitation from Cini di Otravaldo
At the request of Karan Stevano, I invite you to meet me on 17h - Prima, Floris 19, 2nd AC 2617(*) in my apartment near the Zachini district market.
Please ask the Apartment Caretaker Anichi Starini.
Cini di Otravaldo
Matis Noble and Suitor

[OOC] * , 13 February 20:00:00 UTC (6 months ago)
** , 13 February 22:00:00 UTC (6 months ago)

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Dear players, we invite all players who participated in the event to send their feelings about the suitors to Karan Stevano through the event team. Namely : by email to with EVENT TEAM in the subject or by DM on Rocket Chat to Margote, Pavor or Tamarea.

We will translate these missives and publish them all together, so as not to influence the judgment of other players.

All answers are welcome, even if they are written in a less formal or even OOC way.

We expect your answers by March 6th 2022 and thank you for your involvement.

The event team

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And I thought my comments were strictly confidential! ;)


Salazar Caradini
Filira Matia
Royal Historian
Member of the Royal Academy of Yrkanis
First Seraph of the Order of the Argo Navis

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Invitation de Filirae Aylia di Valecio

En tant que prétendante et conformément au souhait du Karan, j’invite les Nobles matis, sujets et ambassadeurs à me rencontrer le 11 avril 2022 à 21h à la Serre d’Yrkanis pour un moment d’échange.

Matis Aiye !

Filirae Aylia di Valecio


Filirae Aylia di Valecio,
Maison Noble Alkiane,
Dame de compagnie de la Karae Tamiela,
Ancienne Dame de compagnie de la Karae mère Lea,
Refondatrice et ancienne Herënae de la Maison Alkiane

BG d'Aylia :

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As it would be unfair, Herënae, if you did not also benefit, like the other pretenders, from a portrait introducing yourself to those who will not be able to answer your invitation, allow me to post it here.


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