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Some bug fixes and improvements

Daily Missions:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented daily missions from renewing after the 20 hour wait.
  • Added an icon to abandon a mission.

Puzzle DynE:

Outside of O.C.C. events, chests give one puzzle piece from one of the unfinished puzzles, but within the limit of 14 unique pieces per week (reset on Monday at 12:00pm CET). After the 14ᵉ piece, they will be totally random and therefore possible to get duplicates.
  • Added a message indicating if the piece found is a duplicate and therefore there is no token gain
  • Added a counter indicating the number of pieces that will be unique (unless all puzzles have been completed, of course).

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Added an icon to abandon a mission.

This confused the begeezes outta me ... 16 years ago I suggested adding red X's for worn out equipment to show that it was "dead / kaput .... can not be used"

I took the new red X's as "mission dead, can not be done" ... I guess no thumb icon for "you're poutta here"
After the 14th piece, they will be totally random and therefore possible to get duplicates.

I was at the limit of 14 on Thursday or Friday.... I figured I'd take my chances on the "random" thing"

1. I did get see one dupe update ... Window says:

"You have found 22/60 different parts of the image"
"You have collected a total of 23 fragments"

I have actually collected about 35 - 40 fragments but the total fragments counter does not change. The "random" thing is not looking so random unless it means "almost never"  :).

2. As you can see, the picture isn't there.


Ok I think I understand what's happening. There are, if I counted right 7 puzzles. I finished all of the other ones except Atysmas 2021. I think what is happening with "random" is:

a) you get a chance of getting a unique piece for the one puzzle that you have not completed.

b) If you get a "dupe", it can be a dupe of any one of the other puzzles regardless of whether you completed them already or how many times you completed them... can anyone confirm ?


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