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Cristabell, the Quinteth, Medis 29, 1st CA 2610

Dearest Guide;

First of all, I ask for your support for two of our friends Eeri and Azazor Eridlo Mirihus, who are about to embark on a journey to the old lands. They are well known to us and have often helped us in the past. Your advice will probably be very useful to them, as well as the help of the rangers on the road to Oflovak.

In addition, Azazor has allowed me (according to the ambers of the Great Library) to draw up a draft map of the Old Lands which I submit to your wisdom in the attachment. It is, of course, a more or less artistic interpretation of our knowledge, but perhaps you could help us improve it before they leave, to help them achieve the objectives they have set themselves.

I also have another question, more personal if you allow me, to complete your personal amber: would you have a family link with Bremmen Dingle?

Thank you in advance, with my warmest regards,

Do'Ro Thee

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