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I try to install Ryzom with the new installer on Fedora 35.

I've got 2 WARNING :
WARNING: Skipping pyqtwebengine as it is not installed.
WARNING: Skipping pyqt5 as it is not installed.

witch is not true. The script just looking for wrong packages
On Fedora, "PyQt5" is "python3-qt5" and "pyqtwebengine" is "python3-qt5-webengine"

After that the script continue I've got a window Kiss Seft Update and then I got a Riztart window with a blank page
 [app:getHtmlZonesAndCss]  Added zone main for module ryzom_news 
[pywebview] Port 8228 is in use

DevTools listening on ws:// 7dcb51f3
[app:call_Refresh] Waiting for dom ready...
Remote debugging server started successfully. Try pointing a Chromium-based browser to

full log here :>

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Hi, I had the same problem in Gentoo.

Problem was that used QtWebEngine sandbox doesn't work with new glibc clone3. (

Not sure which is proper way to fix this.

1. Update used QtWebEngine
2. You can start launcher with QTWEBENGINE_DISABLE_SANDBOX=1 to disable sandbox.
3. Rebuild glibc without clone3

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I will try Fedora 35

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It's fixed on Ryztart adding QTWEBENGINE_DISABLE_SANDBOX=1 (thanks Thamius)

Seems not a problem to disable sandbox, just prevent use of Ryztart by root (not so bad)

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Thank you I'll try tomorow ! :)


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