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Talao'olai is the tree of the Awakened. It is here that candidates for Wakening come to hang their names in order to attract the attention of the Sages. Sometimes Initiates place the name of another who they feel is worthy of Wakening here.
The Initiates proceed as follows: they engrave their name on two plates of bark linked together by a fiber, and project the whole into the tree. The whole thing will become entangled in the branches and remain suspended. Sometimes it takes several attempts to get it right.
There is a rumor that the higher the plates remain hanging up the tree, the greater the chance of becoming Awakened. That's why Initiates go out of their way to send their name as high as possible.[/color].

HRP • Post in reply if you want your character to become Awakened, or if you want to propose a character to Wakening.

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