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Sorry for starting a new topic just for commenting on one event - which I didn't even attend. I kept the title neutral, though, so that everyone can just post in here if he/she has something OOC to say on some ingame RP event. ;)

I haven't been at an Akenak Assembly in ages - actually since an Akenakos humiliated the Karan and the Matis in front of the Sharükos, who kept quiet, and the whole thing led to the end of diplomatic dealings between the Fyros (who hadn't bothered to sent an Ambassador to Yrkanis anyway since the merge) and the Matis. I happened to be the last official Matis Ambassador, actually appointed by Yrkanis way before said merge. Since then, while Matis Ambassadors were appointed at the Chamber of Nobles for the other nations, there never was a new official one for the Desert. As far as I'm concerned, the only time I returned to Pyr in an official function was when I was invited as a historian by the Pyr Academy.

Having said that, it actually was my plan to attend the Akenak for the first time again yesterday, just as a visitor, but I simply forgot the time, and when I logged in, it was already running for an hour or so, so I didn't bother to do the trip. Reading the logs, though, I obviously missed a treat! As a player, I was rather surprised by the fact that the Akenak nowadays is even less - well, let's say it: disciplined than the Tryker Assemblies. At the same time, it had me chuckling quite a bit, and it had a Big Bang at the end, of course. I'm a bit sad I missed it. Kudos to the organisers. :)


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