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what the title says



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Counterpoint, Yes.


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Allow animals to tp with you only when in the vicinity of a tp.

That way it removes a little of the tediousness of tping back and forth just to take/store things.
While also ensuring animals are actually moving across the world when in use or when you take them to your favorite spot.


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Some sort of fast travel for meks would be cool, be it TP or "Trek my meks" service from stable. Would make taking part of OP wars in tight IRL schedules easier.


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No. Try just walking around Atys, it's nice!



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Teleporting makes the world small and places exchangable. The beauty of Atys is in its landscape which needs experience through walking. A good world NEEDS remote places which you cannot teleport to (or from in order to haul all of its ressources away with a one-time trip). It would also de-value supreme mats more.

Don't remove the achievement to explore.

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Imagine the game doesn't even allow you to pass the vortex from zone to zone mounted on your mek so imagine a teleportation.
You are gonna end up with something in ark that break once every week.

I would suggest to improve the passage of vortex mounted on mekk instead of magically teleporting every animals from everywhere or near teleportation point, it doesn't require much coding its a status to change in the code


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