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what the title says



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Counterpoint, Yes.


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Allow animals to tp with you only when in the vicinity of a tp.

That way it removes a little of the tediousness of tping back and forth just to take/store things.
While also ensuring animals are actually moving across the world when in use or when you take them to your favorite spot.


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Some sort of fast travel for meks would be cool, be it TP or "Trek my meks" service from stable. Would make taking part of OP wars in tight IRL schedules easier.


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No. Try just walking around Atys, it's nice!



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Teleporting makes the world small and places exchangable. The beauty of Atys is in its landscape which needs experience through walking. A good world NEEDS remote places which you cannot teleport to (or from in order to haul all of its ressources away with a one-time trip). It would also de-value supreme mats more.

Don't remove the achievement to explore.

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Imagine the game doesn't even allow you to pass the vortex from zone to zone mounted on your mek so imagine a teleportation.
You are gonna end up with something in ark that break once every week.

I would suggest to improve the passage of vortex mounted on mekk instead of magically teleporting every animals from everywhere or near teleportation point, it doesn't require much coding its a status to change in the code


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Visit some Minetest or Minecraft servers with the tags "Hardcore" and "Teleport" and see how the second destroys the first.


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I already hated the fact i can now teleport my mount to the capitals stables.
It's not for me (in fact i generally travel with my animals, when needed).

But I think another thing could be done to have people less afraid to move their animals around: more ways to get the food, so you don't need to carry too many bales of food in the bags.

In example:
- Easy to implement: add stables (or food merchants) inside tribes (except where cities are ofc)
- More difficult to implement: add the ability to use 'food' mission mats to feed your animals
- Even more difficult to implement: add a prospect stanza (maybe as a ritual) to allow to pop food/field on ground so animals can feed them in, i could say, 20 seconds.

First example would be really easy to implement.

In my opinion, the main reason people don't move their animals is because of the food requests that also use a lot of bulk.
Actually to decide to move to another continent you have to plan mainly because of the food and nothing else.

So, for my personal taste, a tp for meks it's a no for me.


Legion of Atys

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Packers definitely no.

Mounts, possibly if their inventory is reduced. Significantly. Better still, new type of mount that has very small inventory; 100ish comes to mind, is normally attackable by all aggro and one needs to buy TP and place it in its inventory. But most importantly, is not obtained at the wheel.

If I could go nuts, make tribes be functioning part of the world in a sense that if I have good standing with one I can set a proper camp in their settlement. Trainers, merchants, whole shebang minus civ specific NPCs. So I can 'live' there for months (Atys months). Then remove TPs.

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+1 I like it.


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Multilingual | Français
faut les faire courir les pauvres. à force de rester à l'étable ils deviennent... malade
la preuve j'en ai un qui est devenu tout blanc!

[en terme game play ont fait ce qu'on veut...
mais je ne vois pas ce qui ferait que les puissance se mettent à téléporter des animaux...

Après, il faudra les rez.

Vous me direz qu'il y a les Zig qui profite du TP dans le sac!
Certes, d'ailleurs je m'explique toujours pas comment certain font pour entrer dans mon sac et encore moins comment il font pour transporter mon armure lourde...
Peut être pourrions nous faire entrer les toubs dans nos sacs?

bon j'ai pas la réponse et je trouve ça pratique c'est certain :) mais bon...
j'aime surtout me balader avec ma "meute" qui court derrière moi dans tous les sens. Cela sied à une noble Matis comme Canillia d'exposer son équipage :)]

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-1 #trekisfun

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Why not make it so Mek/Packers can be teleported at a teleporter.
It makes sense that they can't teleport in the field as they can't consciously activate the pact themselves, but asking the teleport npc at a teleporter to teleport the mek/packer for you would be fine no? you'd still have to walk them to dig spots etc.

people are weird about realism in some places and not in others, and always make choices 2 extremes, full yes or full no. there's never a middle anymore...


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