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Clarification on the recent migration to a new Web server

The new WebIG server is not a temporary solution. Indeed, it was already planned to switch to a new server in three steps:1 - Migrate the database (closure of Atys on September 28)
2 - Update the WebIG server but keep it in php 5
3 - Migrate everything to a new WebIG server and test it on php.

But, during the phase 1 on September 28, OVH indicated to us that we had to change the RAID disks. This would have taken three more days, including installation and synchronization time... with Atys closed.

In order to shorten as much as possible the closing time of the game server, we chose to take a new WebIG server and to do at the same time phases 1, 2 and 3 (which took us 24 hours), to apply the planned patch then to reopen Atys as soon as it was playable.

Finally, we have put back the last missing features and are currently finishing fixing the bugs.

Now we have all our servers in the latest LTS ubuntu 20.4 and we don't have any more migration to do, this work is finished!

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Was there a rollback to an older backup of the web app database?


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