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Something I have never seen in ryzom is be able to view stats of items and what it will look like on me through a link in chat. Maybe I can't get to that person at the time and the player has a cool item to show me and i like to check it out first from a far while ingame. Hey player link the item to me so I can look at.

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You can share a single item via BagApp.

See my Training Buckler

(yes, it is not too comfortable, sorry)

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This app and the link to it are sadly meanwhile broken :(


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It is working again

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I agree with OP, having the info of an item posted in chat should be a must have feature.


Legion of Atys

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I like to meet people and see what they offer to me and the other way round.

It's one of the building blocks for Ryzom's decelerated gameplay.

Your idea would speed up the game significantly.

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+1 typing all the stats of an item in chat is a pain :)
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