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*** this is a chaotic sketch ***

1. Silan is not only place to farm rendors (which is epic) and to sell focus heavy armor (which is also epic too) for insane amounts of dappers, but also land with it's lore.

2. Silan (as island) unofficially named so after name of city Silan (which is now Ruins of Silan). This part of lore will be main for the idea.

Memory refreshing part:
from here ( ) we have:
"Ruins of Silan: A city which was built by the Matis when they resurfaced. The Matis began experimenting with the intelligent plants in the region, namely the slaveni, to make extracting resources easier. This eventually led to the city's downfall and the ruins are all that remain of it."
"Throne room: A little way away to the north of the village is the Throne Room, also in ruins."

So we have (at least) old (almost forgotten nowdays) matis city, governor of this city (or may be even king, tho governor with forgotten name will be better in this case) and mad (evil) scientists with genetic experiments and classical fiasco at the end.

3. Idea is based on:
- few years ago there was event behind Yrk about all the same matis genetic experiments with plants with all the same results (fiasco),
- micro-giga rendor boss from last august rendorfest days (the one which was held in the throne room),
- old classic Anlor Winn events with ghost of ancient dead historical persons acting as ghosts and communicating with players for some strange dead reasons.

4. So, the scenery of even may looks like this:
- Players slacking around ruins for some unknown players reasons, must be looting.
- suddenly a ghost of some not very evil mad scientist appears in front of them.
- this not so very ghost takes the players for his contemporaries and informs them that, as usual, a disaster has occurred. City is already in ruins, so it's better to visit governor, he have plan (tm).
- ghost governor ( ofc at Throne room) tells a story about what they wanted the best, but it turned out as always and something needs to be done with the plants. Something there is a threat to the whole planet and so on.

*** here can be other ghosts and/or even stages of quest progression, like to find ghost of almost evil scientist which is holding some strange artifact allowing passage through overgrown passages (fence like in the maze near FH) or something like that (who (scientist) can be killed to pick up this artifact. Or exchange it for the scientist's favorite plush toy that Yubokin stole (and who will have to be killed to get the toy and exchange it for an artifact)) And so on. (It can be even few days parted event. Or not, it's just idea, not full scenery here.) ***

At end players doing epic stand against super plants and his boss/bosses (and scientist minions (kinda like Lixie have)).

Players win, the threat to the world is prevented, the ghosts calm down and disappear rewarding players with mountains of dappers and lazer rifles.

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