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[Rangers] Nurturing cord (2021/06/20)

The situation was becoming untenable. Without any help of the nations, the Ranger organization could not meet all its obligations. Yet, since the disappearance of Orphie Dradius, they seemed to "forget" their promises more and more often.
The vacancy of the position of Guide of the organization, the still not elucidated circumstances of her death, this kirosta's stinger of which one did not hear any more...
Melga Folgore knew that it took very little for the Nations' aid to be called into questions.
They had to deal with the most pressing problem, namely the maintenance of the tunnels, especially the one linking the Continent to Silan.
For the time being, equipment was blocked at the Matis camp. But the Rangers and the Aspirants should be able to transport it to the camp.
Then he would gather them at the Circle. Between them, they would be able to find solutions.
Rangers! Ranger Aspirants!
We are facing an exceptional situation.
Meet me at the Ranger Circle in Almati Wood on 16h - Quarta, Nivia 16, 4th AC 2613.
I will explain everything to you in person.
Please have an escort ready.

Melga Folgore

* [OOC]On Sunday, 20 June 2021 19:00:00 UTC (3 years ago).[/OOC]

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Ambassador Eolinius to Governor Ailan Mac'Kean

Lordoy Nair-Governor Ailan

Please find here the report of the Rangers meeting, Quinteth, Folially 5, 1st CA 2614 which I attended as a representative of the federation. This meeting was chaired by Ranger Melga Fogore.

What a surprise to find the Rangers, after the tragic episode of Orphie Dradius' death in the Almati Wood Kitins' Lair, in such a state of decay, both morally and financially. From what I could understand, and what corroborates the rumors heard within the cities of the lakes, they are in a total destitution and need to find the support and the confidence of the people and nations, scalded by the absence of results on the investigation in the Kitins' Lair and on this black sting found beside Orphie.

I have full confidence in their diplomatic skills to regain the grace of the nations *Eolinius winced as he thought back to some of the words he heard the most virulent ones say*.

Besides, the heads of the nations have already more or less started negotiations according to Melga Folgore.

- The karan spoke only of the merit of Svaldi (probably Svaldi Bucci, after consulting the archives, the artist who created the map of the tunnel of Woe found in the archives of Orphie).
- The sharükos wants to highlight the great courage of Orphie Dradius.
- Mabreka wants the rangers to get closer to the ideals of the kami.

But you must know that, Nair-Ailan, since you yourself have been asking for news about what happened to Nair-Tepsen.

*Eolinius lifted his pen for a moment and sighed - The powerful negotiate in their corner without of course informing the ambassadors, how after that not to pass for a toub at the time of the discussions... Eolinius started to write again*.

By the way, Nair Ailan, why on earth did you insist on hearing from this Tepsen whom the young people have never heard of, except perhaps through some rumors. I had to consult the federation archives to find out that he is a Tryker scientist from the The FISHES society, author of the amber cube describing the creation of allegorical attributes for jewelry. Did he contract gambling debts from you? Did he win the speed competition of the biggest Byrh?
*Eolinius paused for a moment, then after reflection crossed out the last few sentences which he found undiplomatic.*

In short, if you allow me, as a faithful servant of the federation, I would be willing to lead a delegation to discuss with the rangers the directives you will submit to us. I also call upon all trykers of good will who are part of a tryker citizen guild (only citizen guilds can participate in foreign policy) to join me in the formed delegation if they wish.

Eolinius, Tryker Ambassador


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Rapport de la réunion Rangers du Quinteth, Folially 5, 1er CA 2614

oren pyr sharükos

Les Rangers sont toujours à la recherche d’un homin pour remplacer Orphie Dradius. Pour information, Stevanos vante les mérites des matis comme Svaldi Bucci pour que le prochain guide des Rangers soient matis. La fédération vante Tepsen, ce scientifique tryker dont on ne sait ce qu’il devient. Seul les zoraïs ne vantent pas la sève mais l’importance que le prochain guide soit proche des kamis.

Au lieu de simplement faire comme les autres en vantant l’importance de la sève, nous devrions nous appuyer sur les trykers, en vantant non pas l’importance de la sève, mais de la recherche de la Vérité, et donc de la nécessité d’avoir un guide de formation scientifique. Je me suis ainsi permis de rappeler aux Rangers le mérite du partage des connaissances, comme a su si bien le faire l’Académie Impériale lors du dernier colloque.

Avoir un scientifique à la tête des Rangers, à défaut d’un fyros de sève, dont on sait le peu d’importance que cela peut avoir à leurs yeux, permettrait un rapprochement plus étroit entre l’Académie Impériale et les Rangers, rendant ainsi risible les exigences de Stevanos et du « mérite » des matis. Elle couperait aussi court à toute idée que les fyros jouent dans leur coin. Ce serait en outre une main tendue aux trykers, leur disant « vous voyez, nous avons les mêmes exigences ».

Par ailleurs, j’ai cru comprendre que les financements des Nations se faisaient plus rares en ce moment. Je ne saurai que conseiller de reprendre au plus vite ceux-ci, montrant ainsi la bonne foi de l’Empire et la loyauté sans faille que nous portons à nos alliés.

sharük pyrèküd, sharükos pyrèküd !

Azazor, akenak de Thesos

En cachetant la lettre, Azazor pousse un soupir. Le voilà à faire le boulot d’ambassadeur auprès des Rangers maintenant. Que font donc les autres akenak ? Achilleos ? Stiara ? Et les ambassadeurs ? Naveruss ? Les homins disparaissaient sans laisser de trace, le laissant seul pour gérer les affaires courantes. Il devait trouver au plus vite des akenos pour le seconder, ou il finirait par craquer.


fyros pure sève
akash i orak, talen i rechten!

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When Salazar returned to the vast, empty rooms of his Order from the meeting of the Rangers at Almati, he was in deep thought and - to a certain degree - worried; less about the fact that the Rangers feared loss of support from the Nations, but about the reasons for the lack of that support.

Yes, of course the Rangers were either unduly secretive about their findings regarding the death of Orphie Dradius, or their scientists were simply not up to do their work properly, but in the latter case it would have been wise to include other scientists by the respective academies in their research. That they simply kept quiet alone would have been a good reason for raised doubts in their reliability. That the leaders wanted some sort of courtesy from the Rangers was not surprising, but just part of the game of politics, something an able diplomat could easily deal with.

The irritation was the fact that the leading officers of the Rangers, pretty obviously, never spent a single thought on the possibility that their leaders could pass away or vanish, and therefore did not prepare for a new leadership. They had no-one - especially with Melga Folgore declining to take the lead, not even for a transistion period - and now they asked the Rangers to come up with ideas to please the leaders of the various countries, while the officers themseves discussed to bring someone over from the Old Lands to step into Dradius' shoes. Until then they seemingly were like a snake whose head was cut off, wrigling and helpless, trying to survive - and waiting for a new head to grow.

Salazar shaked his own, sitting firmly on his shoulders.

That Akenak, Azazor - one whose arrogance could put an Uma Filar to shame - had a point in saying that the leader of the Rangers should just be the best man, not neccessarily one to please the leaders of the Nations, but in his somewhat charmless manner overlooked the fact that there was and is no-one in sight yet, that the Ranger officers are struggling since some time for a decision on a stranger who has no idea how the things are run in the New Lands. He also overlooked that the Rangers enjoy their freedom not least because they receive support from all Nations.

Salazar filled an amber cup with wine and took a swig of it. Then he sat down on his table and looked at his quills. He had thought about a report to the Academy, but what should he write? To point out the crisis of the Rangers would weaken them even more - and it would be of no use to anybody.

So he simply took another swig ... and went to bed.

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Salazar Caradini
Filira Matia
Royal Historian
Member of the Royal Academy of Yrkanis
First Seraph of the Order of the Argo Navis

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From Ailan Mac'Kean, Governor, to Ambassador Eolinius
Nair Ambassador Eolinius,

The Federation's support for the Ranger Organization remains unwavering. We know, more than anyone else, how important sharing and solidarity are in building a better world for our children.
But it is essential that this sharing goes both ways, otherwise anxiety sets in, followed by a lack of trust.
In this regard, if you excuse me, I got plenty to worry about.
Like you, I heard through the rumor that Tepsen had "lost" an amber cube in the Almati Wood kitins lair. You are too young to have known Tepsen. But the elders could tell you about mektoub explosions or innocent homins who were targeted.
Some time later, Orphie Dradius comes asking about what Tepsen might be doing in the kitins lair, as if Tepsen was accustomed to entrusting anything to the Federation.
And it all ends with Orphie dead inside that kitins lair.
How do you expect me not to believe that the Rangers are completely overwhelmed and have no control over anything that happens in the Almati Wood kitins lair?

So, I hereby formally request that you go to Melga Folgore, to express my concern, ensure that the situation in the kitins lair is under control, and reiterate that my reluctance was merely a reflection of my worry. Please understand that my intention was only to raise the alarm.
You have my full confidence!

Ailan Mac'Kean
Governor of Naw Trykoth Federation

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From Ambassador Eolinius to Acting Ranger Guide Melga Folgore*
*Note of humor from Ambassador Eolinius to put pressure on the future discussion.

Lordoy Nair-Melga Folgore.

The Federation has always considered the Rangers to be essential and supports their action to prevent and control kitins. However, recent events raise a number of questions about their ability to do so and what is really going on in the Kitin's Lair.

A federal delegation sent by our governor Ailan Mac'Kean wishes to meet with you and the rangers representatives on Nivia 15, 1st AC 2614 (Sunday, 4 July 2021 19:00:00 UTC (3 years ago)).

What strongly intrigues our governor is the possible role that Tepsen could play in this story, an amber cube belonging to her having been found there, as well as the many questions that Orphie Dradius asked about Tepsen just before his mysterious descent and his death even more mysterious. If during this interview, Rangers who knew Tepsen could be present to teach us a little more about him that would be perfect.

I have no doubt that this interview will be beneficial to maintain the good relations between the Rangers and the Federation of Naw Trykoth

Eolinius, Tryker Ambassador


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Azazor n'est pas peu fier de son coup. Quand il a appris qu'une délégation tryker se rendait auprès de Melga Folgore pour il ne sait quelle raison (bien qu'il se doute que cela a un rapport avec le choix prochain d'un nouveau guide ranger), il s'est empressé de joindre son ami l'ambassadeur tryker Eolinius pour faire pression et se faire inviter.

Cela a été plutôt facile d'ailleurs. D'abord la colère, pour bien poser le cadre. Puis donner des scrupules en parlant d'amitié bafouée par les cachotteries. Pour jouer sur l'honneur, bien dire aussi que les trykers sont comme tous les autres finalement, qu'ils tentent d'influencer les rangers pour qu'ils choisissent un tryker à leur tête. Puis parler d'importance de la science, de lien entre les peuples, donner des remords de ne pas avoir tout dit, ce qui aurait permis une délégation commune fyros/tryker. Et finalement récolter le fruit de sa manipulation: l'ambassadeur a craqué et l'a invité à se joindre à la délégation pour la partie scientifique.

Ainsi, il pourra ressortir son refrain sur l'importance du partage entre nation, et sur la nécessité d'avoir comme guide suprême des rangers un scientifique, pour ne pas qu'il se fasse influencer par les autres nations. Bien sûr, tout cela n'a pour but que de parasiter la tentative des matis d'avoir un des leurs à la tête des rangers. Un matis que le royaume aurait pu modeler à son image et utiliser pour servir ses intérêts. Un scientifique au moins, à défaut de servir l'Empire, servira la quête de la Vérité. Et c'est bien là l'essentiel.

En quittant Fairhaven, Azazor se demande s'il n'a pas quelques gouttes de sang matis pour oser manipuler ainsi un ami...

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fyros pure sève
akash i orak, talen i rechten!

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Menthys had just finished dusting off the furniture when his master returned home. The First Seraph was obviously tired, but he also was smirking. He slipped out of his travelling clothes and left them rather carelessly on the floor, and Menthys was quick in bringing him his soft, silky gown. "Thank you, Menthys. Please bring me some wine, and put that into the wash". The young manservant quickly followed orders, while Salazar, with a yawn, sat down on his writing desk, already deep in thought. He hardly recognised Menthys returning with an amber-cut carafe and an elegant tumbler from the same material.

"Those Rangers are really in a depressing condition right now," he thought. "If they don't change that pretty soon, it will be hard to justify their support to the Karan". He grabbed the tumbler and took a deep sip, then did put it down with a sigh of relief. "Good".

He left it to the Ambassadors, Ser Nilstilar Thorec and Ser Copal Frerini to give detailed report of the meeting between the Tryker emissaries and the Rangers, but still grabbed a quill and, in his spidery, but elegant style wrote a short note to the Karan, in all humility (etc., etc.) reminding him of the last Chamber of Nobles and the agreement of further supporting the Rangers.

It hardly wasn't surprising that Daeronn Cegrips went quiet as soon as he had his hands on that Kitin stinger, of course. Cegrips was, if nothing else, an eccentric - someone either focused on his work or on food, but rarely on other homins, and most likely he had forgot at all that he should give report to the Rangers on the development of his studies. It had been foolish to give the stinger to him without communicating the decision to the other Nations, of course, but then the Rangers had always been rather lousy diplomats; one could only hope for the better. But then it would need no less than a miracle to have a soldier, a scientist, a diplomat and first of all a leader as their future fugleman.

His thoughts took a little stroll towards Azazor, the Fyros Akenak, and he chuckled. Could it really be that Azazor went to a theatrical costumier for a fake Ranger uniform, just to make an impression? Half it was pathetic, and half it was just plain silly - and in the end the main impression he left as an ill-tempered squaller. If the firehead had put a thought into it, putting away his blinders, there were many reasons for at least the Matis Ambassador for New Trykoth and a historian and academian being there, and the idea of putting pressure on the Rangers would have been the least - apart from the fact that there would have been far simpler methods to do so on someone who relies on your support.

Alas, he took another sheet of paper and started writing again.

From Salazar Caradini, Royal Academy, Yrkanis, to Euphanyx Apotheps, Imperial Academy, Pyr

My dear Serae Euphanyx,
esteemed colleague,

I recently did attend a meeting between the Rangers and emissaries of New Trykoth, where - as it is - questions were raised regarding the Kitin stinger found with the body of Orphie Dradius. As you know, the stinger was given to your fellow Imperial academian, Ser Daeronn Cegrips, for further research. As it is, it seems that the Rangers haven't heard back from him since, although they waited for a report on at least intermediate results. They did wait in vain, and as it seems didn't actually have any contact with Ser Daeronn since.

As well as you I do regard Ser Daeronn as one of the foremost researchers in Kintinology, but actually the Rangers' inability to give at least some breadcrumbs of information to the Nations' leaders - not least the Emperor as well as the Karan - placed them into a difficult position regarding the vindication of their support.

I do not have to tell you as a fellow scientist that the upkeeping of the Rangers is in our all best interest, outside of any vain effort to play politics. I would therefore urge you to approach Ser Daeronn regarding his findings, and sent a notice to the Rangers to bring them up to date. If they, in turn, could inform the Nations, it would be a big boost to their reputation - and, of course, it would corroborate the reputation and well-deserved high regard of Ser Daeronn as well as the Imperial Academy.

Cordially yours,

Salazar Caradini, R.A.Y.*
Filira Matia
Royal Historian

P.S.: Please let me know when you received this letter. Thank you.

Salazar dried the ink with some sawdust, and then handed both letters - the note to the Karan as well as the letter to Euphanyx Apotheps - to Menthys.

"Send Izams immediately. If done so, you can head to bed".

"But Filira," Menthys protested, "I have not yet taken care of the Arboretum".

"Leave that to me," replied Salazar. "make heed and hurry up".

He watched Menthys leaving, then took another swig out of his tumbler. "Well then," he thought, "all I can do now is waiting. But for now, having quenched my thirst, I should permit the flowers the same indulgence". So he stood up, grabbed the water can and gracefully moved down the steps towards to the Arboretum.

*Royal Academy of Yrkanis

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Salazar Caradini
Filira Matia
Royal Historian
Member of the Royal Academy of Yrkanis
First Seraph of the Order of the Argo Navis

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Eolinius sat at his desk and began to sort through his notes and papers before sending the report of the federal delegation's meeting with the Rangers to Governor Ailan.

In form the delegation had been well received by Melga Folgore, in a quiet and conventional manner. The meeting had only been marred by a blood feud between the Fyros and the Matis, who had begun to insult each other joyfully, in short, very banal.

In substance, as Eolinius had suspected, they had not learned much. The investigation into the death of Orphie Dradius, the Rangers' guide, had stalled. The Rangers had searched and scoured the kitin’s lair without finding anything else. As for the Black Dart found near Orphie's remains, the Rangers had given it to Daeronn Cegrips, the Imperial Academy's kitinology researcher, to study. He had not yet finished the analysis, but surprisingly the Rangers, or rather Melga Folgore, seemed in no hurry to find out the results and for some reason seemed uncomfortable with the subject. Eolinius suggested to his friend Azazor to speed things up if he could by using his legendary persuasion skills with the Imperial Academy, in all goodness of course.

The second subject of concern to the Governor, the tryker Tepsen, a researcher and member of the FISHES center whose amber cube was found in the kitin’s lair and about which Orphie Dradius had conveniently asked questions before his tragic descent, did not arouse more enthusiasm in Melga Folgore. Fortunately, the Rangers Zorroargh and Krill were present, who had already met Tepsen and were able to enlighten the assembly slightly about his controversial past. The only important thing to remember is that Tepsen seemed to be working on an innovative teleportation process using a potion to be poured on the body. As always, Melga Folgore remained silent about it.
Eolinius sealed his letter and hung it on an embassy Izam.

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Euphanyx Apotheps returned from one of her regular exploratory tours that used to delight her when her administrative duties weighed upon her too much.
As usual, a stack of letters was waiting for him on her desk. Two stacks, to be exact, since in addition to her duties as Chancellor of the Imperial Academy, she was still serving as Master of the Chair of Truth.

She grabbed each of the stacks between her two hands and turn them over, so that the bottom and top were reversed. It was a small detail of Justice for her to deal first with the missives that had arrived first! But as she did so, she noticed in the "Chancellor" pile a peculiar missive that was not in the standard format, and especially far too pretty to be honest.

She couldn't resist pulling it out of the pile with a jerk.

Euphanix read the letter and memories flooded back. Salazar Caradini… this homin she had once invited to speak at the congress of historians she had organized for the inauguration of the new Academy. That day in 2597 that had earned her the honor of being promoted as Chancellor. Hmm… This matis is clever, she thought.

She put back the letter with an annoyed frown.

"Pyphollo!" she thundered suddenly.
"Ney talumetimakos!" she heard a voice answer from a room farther away, then light footsteps approaching quickly.
The archivist found the Chancellor slumped in her large chair with her arms crossed behind her head and her eyes lost in contemplation of the patterns on the ceiling.
"Would you know where Daeronn is on the analysis of the black specimen? Or, should I just say… do you know where Daeronn is?"
The tone of her voice betrayed the fact that she already knew what kind of answer she was going to get.
"Dey talumetimakos... well ney! I think after a kirosta hunt he went back to the Nexus. He mumbled about needing samples of sap and particular molds to feed his termites."

Euphanix remained puzzled for a moment, mentally trying to connect the dots. But it was illusory with Daeronn.
"Ah, and also," added Pyphollo, "he had the stinger sealed in a stanza of Daisha."
"Akep talumetimètos," she replied after another silence, "you may leave."

The chancellor stood up, took the flimsiest vellum of capryni and her most beautiful quill of izam and began to write a missive.
To Salazar Caradini, member of the Royal Academy of Yrkanis.

Dear Salazar,

What a pleasant surprise to have news from you, how are you?
But don't tell me that you have exchanged your historian's outfit for that of a kitinologist? I wouldn't believe a word of it. No, it's not that, I guess you are now using your great talent to serve the Kingdom as a diplomat. This is a good thing, because I understand you: when you inherit a doctrine as clear as that dispensed by the Church of Light, there are not so many historical truths to search for, and this leaves time for other missions. It is like the late Cuiccio Perinia, whose reputation as a botanist preceded that of a historian.

In any case, I thank you for your special concern for the reputation of our Academy. I want you to know that I will personally see to it that Daeronn Cegrips produces an exemplary analysis report in every respect. But I beg you, let us give time to science and to the Truth to reveal itself, by a rigorous and disciplined work which cannot suffer from political urgencies.

I look forward to seeing you again, dear colleague. Who knows? Maybe one day you will organize a congress of historians at the Royal College? That would be great!

Yours sincerely,
Euphanix Apotheps
Chancellor of the Imperial Academy
Master of the Chair of Truth

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When Salazar read the Chancellor's letter, he was half amused, and half upset. He had written to her with the quill of a poet, and she had used a stinger, if not as deadly as the famed black one, to pen an answer to tease and almost ridicule him.

As a fellow historian, Serae Euphanyx was, of course, aware about the impossibilities of a lot of research since the Second Swarming, when in an almost surreal way different lives, different timelines, even different dialects were mixed up. The popular description of that uncanny event was "the Rivers of Time", why others may have called it a mash-up of multiverses. Suddenly it became unclear, how, where, and why Karan Yrkanis died, what had led to the destruction of Thesos and what had happened when Dexton got ill, and even that vile creature, Muang, seemed to have led different lives to different people. It was highly embarassing, and it pretty much did uproot many important details in the perception and factual determination of the history of Atys, especially in the time between the First and Second Swarming.

He didn't mind that she probably did not know that he was a Royal Ambassador long before he was called by Karan Yrkanis to first take a chair at the Royal Academy, and later a seat in the Chamber of Nobles. The implication that his religious beliefs limit his scientific honesty itched him, though. Didn't he risk everything when he stood up against the Uma Filar regarding the choosen scientific method to close down the kitin tunnels? And didn't he convince the Zorai, and the Matis, to follow the suggestion of the Awakened Fey-Lin for a botanical solution instead of the termites favoured by the Rangers? Well, in all fairness - that probably had been something which itched Daeronn Cegrips, and maybe Serae Euphanyx too, for various reasons ... including, well, politics.

She was right, of course, when she pointed out that he hardly was a kitionologist. But he had been a founder member of the SKA, where all nations were invited (but the Fyros back then had declined the invitation, of course), had translated part of the SKA's ground-breaking work on kitins, and had suggested the kitin enclosure in the Matis arena, where their captive lived probably for a much longer time than it it would have lived in freedom, and all while being studied by scientists.

He took a beautifully bound volume from his shelves, where it rested between a few of its identical siblings, and let his hand glide over the embossed cover. Fighting Characteristics of the Kitins was written there, A Study by Saekinion ten Kitina Aremei. He placed it on the table, then grabbed a small piece of paper and wrote a short note on it - "With the compliments of Salazar Caradini" it simply read. He put it between the pages and then called for Menthys.

When the young Matis eagerly rushed in, Salazar pointed at the book.

"Please wrap that up in something nice, and then send it to Chancellor Euphanyx Apotheps of the Imperial Academy in Pyr. I trust on your good taste."

Menthys took the book carefully - he knew well that his master, as relaxed as he usually was, could easily loose his contenance if someone dropped a book. He then bowed and left.

Salazar looked at the letter again. Fundamentally, Serae Euphanyx had told him nothing - nothing and all. For what he could read between the lines was that the Chancellor of the Imperial Academy knew as little as he, or as the Rangers did.

Well then, he thought. The Trykers only were the beginning. The Fyros, being involved, could hardly do anything, but it would only be a matter of time until the Zorai were starting to turn the screw on the Rangers.

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Salazar Caradini
Filira Matia
Royal Historian
Member of the Royal Academy of Yrkanis
First Seraph of the Order of the Argo Navis

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Zu/To/a/à/ Melga Folgore:


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