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The way of proceeding with the gibbais is now in place and everybody could participate to the events to get fruits, to calm the gibbais, to collect the sap, to exchange it for a material which allows to boost the allegories, which give useful effects during resurections.

And as it's not easy to follow, and that not everyone could do the events, I'll put the steps to follow. Thanks to those who will complete my imperfections and mistakes, as well as to all the people who helped me to understand the maneuvers to do !

First of all, go to see Bixa Moi-Mon, a "scientist" merchant at the Nexus, hidden in a corner. She sells to everyone regardless of reputation. Buy a flask from her (called Salina Sap, for the moment).

You can also pick up fruits in summer (you have to fill up), on salinas in the Nexus. They have red fruits in this season. Otherwise, you can buy them in Bixa, very expensive.

With these fruits, we fill the fruit troughs near the rifts. This keeps the gibbais busy for a while (you have to watch the weather) and they do not attack. Once the fruit is eaten, they come back and attack.

When you are near the tree, you have to hold the flask in your hand, instead of your weapon. Then you right click on the tree, and you collect the sap. There are 200 drops maximum by flask, the counter is incremented with each collection.

Once the flask is full (not before), it is necessary to return to exchange it to Bixa. This is the second option. In exchange for the vial and Elyps, she gives drops of iridescent juice.

What next? I don't know, I haven't tested it yet!

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