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[Marauders]One piece of information can hide another (2021/06/15)

"There is something else. More of an impression than an actual fact. It's as if Krikitheus felt it was too incredible to bring up in a meeting." Aristarcus looked annoyed.
"I couldn't trust an izam with it, so I thought I'd come and talk to you about it in person."
"So you come to tell me that you failed? "The cold anger that sometimes invaded Chei Pui-Yan seemed ready to burst out. "I need a spy who is doing her job."

Aristarcus felt the blow but did not answer, preferring to defuse the conflict.

"All that does not please me. I need to know everything, even the unspoken stuff, in order to keep my place near Akilia. You'll drive ours to go get this information, by force if necessary." Chei Pui-Yan's tone left Aristarcus no choice but to nod.

"As you wish. I'll take them to Krikitheus, but they'll do all the questioning, I don't want to risk losing my cover. And we'll go get sap samples and iridescent necklaces, so you'll have all the facts."

Chei nodded and waved her off.

A few minutes later, Chei appeared in the camp:
Those yubos of scientists of the nations thought they could forget us. We're going to refresh their memories!
Join Aristarcus at the Hidden Source Camp on 1h - Dua, Fallenor 2, 4th AC 2613(*).
For Akilia Ash Storm!

* [OOC] On Tuesday, 15 June 2021 19:00:00 UTC (3 years ago).[/OOC]

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