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"Laye mai, said Nilstilar to himself as he left the Hotel d'Alkiane, let's try to see now what the Karan has in mind!"
But he returned to his Yrkanian apartment to give himself there a few hours of rest first.
And it was only in the morning, with his thoughts cleared by the first chai of the day, that he took up the calamus to write his letter of resignation.

Yrkanis, on Mystia 2, 2613-3
Your Majesty,

Perhaps it has come to your ears that I ostensibly abstained from joining His Highness Aniro in the expedition he led this 25th of Fallenor, at the head of an international troop, towards the camp of the First Deserters to recover an amber cube robbed some days before from a tribe of the Fleeting Garden.
I come today to try to explain to Your Majesty about what you could rightly consider as a discourtesy towards your elder son, to say the least. Thus, I wish to let you know that the aforementioned abstention is the result of the disappointment that stunned me that day: even though, during our meeting, a few days before, near the camp of the robbed tribe, Aniro Karin had shown (to my great joy) his desire to preserve peace between nations, he allowed that, on the steps of the Royal Palace, the guards attacked without mercy a Tryker trader who had come to assist him in his quest for the stolen cube! The Emperor treats foreigners (uninvited ones at that) who come in peace to the Agora of his capital better!
As, however, I am aware that such an explanation does not constitute an excuse for what Your Majesty may consider, rightly once again, a crime of lese majesty making me unworthy of exercising the mission you once entrusted to me, this missive constitutes my letter of resignation from the office of Ambassador of Your Majesty to the Federation of Naw Trykoth.

Matis Aiye !
Nilstilar Thorec

Once he had sealed it, and before entrusting it to his favorite izam, he formulated in petto the hope that his King would refuse it.

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Karan Stevano finished reading the letter aloud and tossed it on his desk.
"What does it mean?"
The Karin Aniro did not flinch.
"The honest trader in question insulted and attacked Filirae Ayala, one of Mother's ladies-in-waiting, in Fairhaven. And she has committed enough other crimes against the forces of the Kingdom that the city guards would know her at a glance. If I hadn't been busy with this cube business, I would have sent Line to deal with her myself."
Aniro was careful not to add he had tried to go over her body with his mektoub. He hadn't succeeded and that didn't seem the right thing to say at the moment.
The king frowned.
"Are you sure about Filirae Ayala?"
"Sil. Ambassador Nilstilar does not have a monopoly on information from New Trykoth."
Stevano took the letter back and read it again.
"He could have been not aware of this incident?"
Aniro reflected. He felt that the ambassador was a little too quick to defend the interests of other nations, and that he sometimes took certain liberties with the leaders. Like when he had, at the Kamic Circle, preached peace rather than factually answering his questions. Or as his present unfortunate defense of an absolutely indefensible Tryker attested. But he had also managed to give the Kingdom a fairly good image outside its borders, which had not always been the case. The Karin replied, choosing his words carefully.
"The ambassador? Probably not. But perhaps he has been induced to believe in an isolated incident, or that the trader had got better. It is not always easy to distinguish the false from the true in the words of Trykers."
The Karan rumbled.
"I precisely expect my ambassadors to distinguish between the false and the true! And it is certainly not up to them to decide when their mission ends! I refuse his resignation! But he will have to do better in the future. And for starters, I want a complete list of the Tryker guilds and their stance towards the Kingdom. It's about time Ser Nilstilar got up to speed. And a list of the ten most virulent opponents of the Kingdom in the Lakes. And this so-called trader had better be on it! Where is my secretary?"
Stevano punctuated each gesture with a loud slap on the desk. The letter eventually flew off and fell to the floor. It remained there, forgotten.

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Yrkanis, on Follialy 24, 2613-4
Your Majesty,

Let me first of all give praise to Your clemency. A clemency that hardly surprise me: the great Karan that you have never ceased to be in my eyes could not, indeed, not forgive the devoted subject I am for a misdemeanor of little consequence (at least I will endeavor it is so) on the future of the Kingdom.
Allow me, next, to share with you a suspicion which the reading of the missive making no demands at all You made me bring to my home the other day has made even greater. For the anonymous letter which preceded it (and of which I enclose a copy to Your Majesty) did not fail to intrigue me: presenting itself as the report of the debates provoked by the offer of my resignation (which, Your Majesty will agree, could not fail to follow the aforementioned misdemeanor), it in fact implied that Your Majesty would not limit himself to refusing it, but would in addition entrust me with a mission of intelligence! As if the Kingdom did not have a network of spies as discreet as seasoned and was suddenly forced to openly expose its diplomats!
Thus, while I had already been alerted by the mistake made by this "Ghost of Atys" as for the identity of the Serae protagonist of the incident supposedly reported to Your Majesty by Aniro Karin (in fact, it is Filirae Aylia who was taken to task that day in Fairhaven, not Serae Ayala), I now suspect that he is simply working to sow the seeds of dissension between the Nations of Atys. And this for the account of Akilia Ash Storm, because such a zizanie could well, should it last, leave soon in the Nexus Minor the field clear for the Marauders... to Jena displease!

Matis Aiye !
Nilstilar Thorec
Ambassador of Your Majesty to the Federation of Naw Trykoth


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