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Patch 873

Fixing bugs that appeared in the May 17 patch

A client patch and server restart took place on May 20, 2021 to fix several bugs that appeared during the May 17 patch:

Bugs fixed and previously patched

  • The client no longer crashes when a player writes to an open dynamic channel.
  • The API has been updated.

Bugs fixed by this patch

  • All NPCs display their name and title correctly again.
  • Enchantment icons displayed on items are fixed.
  • Icons of materials looted on new Bosses now display the same stars as those collected on other Bosses.
  • The bug that prevented giving one or more items to an NPC during a mission is fixed.

May 17 patch deployment schedule

Patch elements already in game

  • Three tribes pay allegiance to Marauders
  • Enrichment of the events
  • Bosses Refactoring
  • Atys and Silan in-game maps
  • Configuration of DeepL
  • Auras durations indicator
  • Miscellaneous: shortening of the time to mount and dismount

To learn more about these new features, please see the May 17, 2021 patchnote: #1

Patch elements that will be activated in a few days

Rewards for Storyline missions

New feature not detailed in the previous patchnote: adding of the "Gibbais and Salina" mission which, when completed, gives a permanent bonus of +20% reward for each fulfilled daily mission.

New Allegories

More details in the May 17, 2021 patchnote.

OP Refactoring Tests

More details in the May 17, 2021 patchnote.

Changes in the rumors

  • Storyline prologue rumors will now be collected using a dynamic event (DynE).
  • The rumors about Allegories will be removed from the Kitin rumors group. They will now be independent and will not be managed by a DynE. For this particular group of rumors, you will still have to find the NPC who will give you the next one, based on the clues given by the rumor alone.

"What's up?" Dynamic Event

A new dynamic event (DynE) will be added, the "What's up?" This DynE is basically the same as the other rumor events, but with a few differences:

  • The NPCs who give rumors are only located in the capitals and the camps Marauders and Rangers.
  • This DynE is a never-ending one: new rumors will be added to it periodically.
  • The "What's up?" rumors will be a good way to keep up to date with changes in the game, events or just... funny rumors;
  • For you to be able to distinguish unfounded rumors from real information, the transmission of the latter only will be accompanied by the opening of a web page to complete it.
  • After a long break, back to Ryzom, you will be able to continue the "What's up?" rumors, it's like getting an update!
  • So when you return to Atys after a long break, picking up the "What's up?" rumors collection where you left it off will bring you up to date!

The Ryzom Team remains at your disposal for any additional information and best wishes to you!

Ryzom Team

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Merci pour toutes ces informations et précisions. Sait-on si le problème qui empêchait de finir les rumeurs du prologue a été résolu ?

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Le DynE des rumeurs va justement permettre de les finir. Il choisira une des rumeurs non lue et la sélectionnera comme prochaine rumeur à obtenir

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"Ainsi, lorsque vous reviendrez sur Atys après une longue absence, reprendre le recueil des rumeurs « Quoi de neuf ? » là où vous l'aviez laissé vous permettra de vous mettre à jour !"Ca, c'est une super bonne idée !

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