New Title - Atys Emissary
Yes - as written
Atys: Haokan, Lapetus, Soyeok, Zatalyz, Zatarga
5 (3)
No - not worth the effort 0
Yes - as wriiten with adding Gidget idea
Atys: Alassea, Chantrea, Clu, Craftjenn, Dudu, Fenomeno, Gidget, Haokan, Khandoma, Lapetus, Mingting, Moyaku, Sinvaders, Soyeok, Zatalyz, Zatarga
16 (5)
Atys: Bazett, Dudu, Khandoma, Vanixia
Abstain 3

#16 [en] 

seems like something great to add in game... even if only some will get the courage to make it all the way... seem like a poor reward for an effort that big... something like trade discounts even PR tps (Pr have 4 zones game have 4 factions)... each faction would give tps of a zone in an attempt to entice them. after all that work doesnt seem fair to keep PR offlimits for them... Has a challenge this is something way out of what we are used in game if a tribe is realy deep negative that will require a real team work just to grab the missions "even more than boss hunt"... in the end anything that ppl are willing to make and is able to keep them in game is valid i guess has something the game needs.
congrats on that Zatarga great idea ;)


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#17 [en] 

I love the idea and thank you Feno...the time in my opinion has been well spent - and yes, i did not a mini-team to help me with a few tribes :)
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