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[Storyline] [Tryker] The Secret of Nexus Gibbaïs: Experiments and Consequences (2021-05-13)

Scientist Krikiteus Ibiton enjoyed coordinating the analysis of precious sap samples collected from the mysterious Majestic Salina.
The specimens of this giant tree, which had recently appeared in the Nexus, were permanently guarded by Gibbaï whose strength was tenfolded. This "power" had of course intrigued the homins, and scientists from all the nations of Atys were openly collaborating, for once, to discover the secret of the Gibbaï of the Nexus.
Of course, she suspected that each people was keeping some discoveries to themselves... After all, wasn't the Empire doing so? But, despite everything, the research was progressing: the link between this multiplied power of the Gibbaï and the iridescent necklaces they used to wear was now established. But what could be the link with the sap they harvested on the Majestic Salinas populating the Nexus?
And above all… How to make an "empowering necklace"? This was the question that the scientists of each nation were trying to answer in their respective academies.

Krikiteus took one last look at the reports from each nation's scientific bodies.
Good. It was time to publicly report on advances in research. It was also time to pass on the invitation from the FISHES society to curious an open-minded homins to come and see for themselves the experiments underway to unlock the secrets of this sap.
A few hours later, posters appeared in the Nexus camps, at Ranger Camp and in the Atysian cities:
Homins of all nations and stateless people interested in advances of scientific research in the Nexus,

I invite you to join me at the Kamist Observation Camp in Nexus Minor on 14h - Holeth, Mystia 6, 2nd AC 2613(*) where I will report on the progress of research conducted on the subject by Academies of Nations.
You are also invited by the FISHES society, which participates in federal research, to then join their mobile experimentation camp at Dew Drops. Scientist O'Bannon Emmen will receive you there and let you observe the experiments in progress.

oren fyrai,

Krikiteus Ibiton,
coordinator of the analysis of the Majestic Salina's sap.

(*) [OOC] On Thursday, 13 May 2021 19:00:00 UTC (3 years ago). [/OOC]

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