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The messenger of the Border Guards was trying to keep a low profile while the Karan let his anger explode. How unfortunate the Karan had arrived just as he was reporting his camp had been attacked by the First Deserters and that these had stolen military equipment! He had had to repeat it all from the beginning under his inquisitive gaze and confirm what everyone knew but did not admit: a red banner was flying over the First Deserters' camp.

The Karan finally turned sharply to the messenger.
"Go back to the camp and tell them I will take care of it personally. The Greatness of the Matis will not suffer this latest snub."
And he abruptly disappeared, leaving a heavy silence behind.
Announcement widely spread throughout the Kingdom
Matis Nobles, Vassals,

march under the Banner of the Kingdom and Jena and bring back the equipment stolen from the Border Guards by the infamous First Deserters!
My youngest son, Manalitch, will make his debut as the future commander of his brother's armies by your side.
You will find him at the Border Guards' camp on 9h - Prima, Pluvia 1, 2nd AC 2613(*).

Jena Aiye, Matis Aiye!

Karan of the Verdant Heights

* [OOC] On , 9 May 2021 19:00:00 UTC (1 year ago). [/OOC]

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