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Coming back after few years of time, glad to see this enchantong game is still alive.

On the other hand, the low amount of active players somehow harm its strong cooperation mechanics.

May it be possible to construct a "sure minimal team build" mechanic for times when no one is around ?

Like, something using its own alt characters, using their stats, limiting their actions to simple orders maybe with small penaltie (time penalties to actions ? No Xp to bots, etc) so social cooperation shall still be better ?

One could limit these characters inclusion to 2-teams or 3-teams, expelling automatically such bots if other players join the team.

Otherwise, it seems with this low amount of players really hard to raise some mechanics of the game, like debilitating magic ?

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Alts are allowed in ryzom and I think it is important to make the distinction between alts and bots, because blurring that line led to the great alt purge of 2020.

Alts are allowed in the game. Alts are part of the game. The game was designed to facilitate the use of alts and some of you can argue with that but you are just flat out wrong so dont bother.

The problem is that the small community of french roleplayers who have been shaping the future of ryzom for years want to encourage people to play the way they play. That is a noble cause, but somehow it got twisted into the point of discouraging people from being different.

Just yesterday there was a player in uni expressing dissatisfaction with the lack of other players available to res them and asked if there were any other way. After suggesting the obvious things (like make friends, ask in uni or region) I suggested making an alt and there was an immediate backlash from players (including one CSR) suggesting that it is better to find friends to play with. This knee-jerk reaction is part of a deeply rooted bias against non-roleplayers who are seen as being "less than" by the core french roleplayer community who are engaged with the Ryzom team. They see self sufficiency and teamplay as being mutually exclusive ideals and they have come to believe alts are killing the game, doing everything in their power to drive those of us who use alts out. This includes coordinated support ticketing, hijacking forge meetings and targetted harassment.

As long as your vision to "Make Atys Great Again" is more exclusive than inclusive, as long as you keep treating players who do not see things your way as a less valued part of the community, as long as you keep trying to force new players into roleplay and teamplay at the exclusion of all else, this game will continue to die.

That is the sad truth of the state of Ryzom right now.


#3 [de] 

Ist es wieder soweit, Beeficus? :rolleyes:

Ich denke Beeficus ist die falsche Person, um das nüchtern zu betrachten. Ich habe ihn letztes Jahr als man sich entscheiden hat nicht 4, sondern nur 2 gleichzeitig eingeloggte Charaktere von 2 unterschiedlichen Konten pro IP/Person zu dulden (ja richtig: "dulden", nicht "erlauben"), als eine sehr emotionale Person kennengelernt (ich kannte ihn vorher nicht wirklich). Generell hat jeder seine eigene Meinung und persönliche Präferenz beim Spielen von Ryzom, aber 3 Alts neben neben dem Hauptcharakter, die gleichzeitig online sind, führt einfach zu einem Ungleichgewicht und die Grenze des erträglichen war bei so einigen Spielern erreicht. Ich, als deutscher Spieler seit 2018, finde diese Entscheidung gut. Ganz verbieten kann man es nicht, es wird immer Mittel und Wege geben, trotzdem so zu spielen, aber offiziell ist man dann Vogelfrei und wird von anderen Spielern denunziert, da es auch kein mir bekanntes System gibt, das serverseitig Alts korrekt erkennt.

Man ist sich bewusst, dass es in bestimmten Zeitzonen, einfach gesagt: tote Hose herrscht. Da passiert einfach nichts und nur ein paar Leute sind online. Das wird aber nicht behoben indem man Bots erstellt oder Alts/Twinks erstellt, sondern sollte durch gezieltes Marketing und Anwerben neuer Spieler gelöst werden, was auch im Hintergrund in Arbeit ist.

Vielleicht wäre ja ein zweiter Server, der nichts mit WinchGate zu tun hat, sinnvoll (Client und Server sind quelloffen). Sowas wie Minecraft, aber im Ryzom Style mit der NEL Engine. Ich denke, da wird es auch eine Spielerschaft geben, die diesen Stil bevorzugen wird, aber auf dem offiziellen Server wird das von dem harten Kern der Spieler vehement verteufelt: Man will es einfach nicht.

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Nicht klicken!

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the great alt purge only happened because the karavan where slowly eating up all the OPs, Karavan had beefi and goldcrest just to name a few that can control more than 1 alt, opwars where heavily in their favor.
(`◔ ω ◔´)

the others that are on the same page but couldn't get enough numbers to raise the issue and that they know that there really isn't much playerbase compared to "the old days" just found this moment as convenient. 

this happened during the start of the pandemic too, subs where high,
guess the ryzom team thought that it's alright to prune some of it's fruits so other's can grow

plot twist: it didn't.
ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ oof

and before you assume things, I'm not a kara and I don't control 4 toons at the same time

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Bee-Boop Bee-Boop.

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