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Message from Ambassador Eolinius to the Federation: Office of External Affairs

Lordoy Ny-Talai of the Federation,

Y have bad news from the Matis country, unfortunately, the gangrene continues to spread on Atys.

Being on a trip to the Mound of Dissent, y wanted to visit the rebel Matis tribe of Bagnards, where the Trykeri still have good relations. As y approached,y noticed an ominous red flag flying in front of their camp. Y carefully removed yem ambassador's badge and put on the classic clothes of a Tryker merchant. Y was able to enter the camp under the inquisitive eyes of the guards, they let me pass, a bit like when you recognize someone but don't remember where he comes from. They probably took me for a Tryker trader coming to offer them some goods, as y often pass by here when y am in the region. Indeed, y usually come here to rest and rent an tent from the local homina... *shudder*, anyway... what y feared when y showed the leaflet found in the prime root to the last assembly of the Taliari (1) has happened. A new tribe, the Bagnard tribe, has pledged its allegiance to the marauders.

Please yem Talai take steps to inform the governor and warn the trykeri to beware when they pass through the area.

Ambassador Eolinius of the Federation of New Trykoth

Translation Tyll Tryker
Y: I
Yem: my
Ny : dears
Syln : verb to be
Talai : brothers (here in the sense of fraternal friends, comrade)
Taliari : elected representatives of a Tryker guild

(1)Summary of the last assembly of the Taliari

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