#16 [en] 

Later versions of blender doesn't like .dds texture files, so somewhere between 04-2021 and 07-2023 the models in the model packs stopped displaying textures.

you can extract the packed textures in blender and convert them to tga or png and reapply them if you want to.

this is just a warning to announce that the packs are broken.
ofcourse the png images are fine.


#17 [en] 

Updated all the models with .tga textures because blender is likely to break with .dds files.
The model pack now includes .dds, .tga and .png(for some) textures files.
The texture files are not needed to view the model in blender because the correct tga textures are packed into the model file itself but are there in case someone needs/wants them.

New Cratcha boss? Spoiler (don't know if it's in-game yet, could be old and i missed it):

Images transparent png 400x400 91~MB:
Rar: 00_-_07-2023.rar/file

Rar Blender files no animation 389~MB: imation_-_07-2023.rar/file

22-July-2023 Fixed models and added 4 new images & models:
* Converted and Changed all .dds/.png textures to .tga in the models
* Added Kirosta_Depth_Goo
* Added Kirosta_Desert_Goo
* Added Kirosta_Jungle_Goo
* Added Cratcha_Boss2

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