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I found some blender files of the ryzom creature models a few years back, but sadly the textures were a mess, not included or non-relative paths.
So for fun i wanted to re-apply all the textures and save nice transparent images of all the creatures.
Today i finally finished with the last of them and so i want to share all these great pictures.


Zip 400x400 88~MB:

Rar 400x400 88~MB: 00.rar/file

* A total of 295 images, with 1 Gubunny extra.
* I took the textures straight from the game files.
* The file names reflect the texture name, tr = lake, fo = forest, fy = desert etc.
Creatures might not be found in the region its file name says because of that.
* Some of the creatures might not fully reflect in game, lighting, specular textures and/or special effects are left out.
* Goo textures are not consistent, some were transparent, while others were solid, some are half goo half region texture.
For those that i could, i made "Region_Goo" versions, some like Ocyx had a half/half texture so i couldn't make a Desert_Goo version.
* Had no Yubokin file so had to make it myself.
* Texture Alpha were a mess...

Arceuid once requested a Kipee model to make a 3d printed model, so I'll include all the model files below.
maybe someone else will make some awesome 3D printed figurines.

Rar Blender files no animation 120~MB: imation.rar/file

Hope you all enjoy it and that someone is able to make use of them.

Fixed 2 things:
* Kirosta_Boss was showing a normal kirosta, the rar and zip have been updated, if you had the old one grab the image above.
* Changed Jubla_Jungle2_Boss name to Jubla_Boss

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nice work! :)

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Oh, very nice!


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I love this. Thank you!


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J'adore ! Je n'arrête pas de les regarder... j'essaie de choisir mon préféré.
Bravo Magez pour ce super boulot !
Merci :)

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Beau travail Magez!



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Thanks all for the love :)

Fixed 2 things:
* Kirosta_Boss was showing a normal kirosta, the rar and zip have been updated, if you had the old one grab the image below.
* Changed Jubla_Jungle2_Boss to Jubla_Boss

updated Kirosta_Boss


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I made a mirror of the updated files: Models 400x400.rar Models Models No Animation.rar

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I made a mirror of the updated files:

ooh, Thanks Ashgan!


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Thanks !!!!


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Thank you for the hard work and these really amazing pictures! I may have a project in mind for them, we will see :-)



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Ok, how long for the 3 D Models ? :)


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that is great work! blender is a nightmare!

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Great share Magez, thanks a lot

I know nothing about Kitins anatomy and I m having a hard time to find where are the eyes located on those nasty kirostas
Anybody gets a clue ?
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