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Excerpt from a lecture given by Dynastic Healer Tao-Sian to students and transcribed by her disciple for the archives.

Goo infections are rare but most often fatal. In general, we only have rare treatments at our disposal to relieve the pain of infected homins.
The case of the Sage Sorrow is, of course, exceptional. In this case, we must manage to relieve his suffering without breaking his link with Atys.
My bibliographic research led me to the discovery of a plant, the Puo-Kean, whose flower contains an active principle that is a kind of "retardant". Then, I thought I could, by using it, prolong the efficiency of his current treatment.
The flowering of the Puo-Kean is very rare and its habitat very difficult to access: it is found only in the Prime Roots, in the rare places where it can benefit from both the light of the surface and the constant humidity of the depths.
Thus, it is only thanks to many brave and generous homins that I dispose of a dozen flowers, carefully preserved in a bark box, since I do not wish to have to ask for such an expedition again. The one of 8h - Quinteth, Thermis 11, 3rd AC 2612(*) has indeed been more than perilous and many homins only owed their safeguard to the Kamis. May they be praised here!

To return to the Puo-Kean, you have to make an infusion with the chopped flowers to release the active principle.
But the dosage is difficult. Because if the Puo-Kean slows down considerably the metabolism of the patient and thus prolongs the effectiveness of the treatment, it turns out that it also slows down the patient himself.
But this I discovered only after my first test, the result of which was mixed: if Sorrow had said he has been relieved by the decoction, his speech and his movements have been enormously slowed down too...

Considering the slightly angry look that Sorrow had shot me after this first one, I carried on my tests of the Puo-Kean by diluting the active ingredient very significantly. I am hoping to succeed in finding the right dosage.[...]

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