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Please, Atys, look back at the last two years logs of this "event". See all the chatter, the happy refugees all so relaxed (shh... I know, but relaxed is ok) and giddy over true gifts from our world. Look back 3 years, at the remodeled "event", with no dapper gifts for the young because the older rich did not feel the dapper had a use (to them).
After a couple hours last evening I see that once again Atys resents our joy. How many lines of chat have you seen this year of people squealing with glee after receiving a wonderful gift? Do you realize that the only use for dapper is to support and sustain our worlds and our crafters? That it is what enables the young refugees to truly begin a life here? It sure as a kittens nest is what helps me support my other 13 characters.
Assuming I will hear reasons of how heavy our bags got from the lovely mats and sap crystals that were gifted so generously and that is why we must travel to silan to use the lottery system of rewards that so uneasily mimic the wheel it gives me the creeps.
Maybe next year, maybe we don't call it an event? when we had a party, like a birthday party, it was ... (again, shhh...i know), calm.. fun. All we did was have fun. Maybe we have a party to welcome and thank the refugees that help keep Atys alive. I will speak a bit more directly for this sentence to feed the beasts but perhaps leave a small bit of an idea in maybe only 1 officials head... The gifts are pretend, they are vapor, but they enable the people living in your pretend world to progress and prosper. The people who pay real subscriptions.
Thank you for the efforts. I know you try, I know you volunteer. And I appreciate what you do. I can suck it up and stop the last event I would do here, I am a big girl. But what I find so incredibly difficult to do is stay quiet about it. That's why I don't offer my 'help' here, it is connected to my mouth which would be an issue I am sure.
Thanks again for trying.

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I'm unsure how to phrase your comment into something actionable, actually I'm even unsure of what you praise and what you would like to see changed.

Do you think there's too many gifts and it should be a different type of event altogether? Are there too few gifts or the wrong ones?

I think you say there should be dapper as a reward (yes, that definitely got me jump-started into the game last year and helped me a great lot).


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Hi Elke.
I expect no action. I worry sometimes Atys takes itself so seriously that there is not much room left for fun for fun's sake is all.
And although I have been here long enough to know my post will change nothing, at least not this year, I have hopes that next years Refugee Days Party will be like last years was. Not next years last year, but this year's last year. :)
Thank you for your respectful and curious response! I am pleased to meet you /bow
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