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Karan Stevano took note of the Master of Arms' answer. Indeed, her current mission took precedence over her role as ambassador. So he nodded to his secretary. And dictated.

" To Ambassador Nilstilar's attention,
We, Stevano, by the grace of Jena, Karan of the Verdant Heights, charge you to represent the Kingdom at the funeral of Ranger Guide Orphie Dradius on..."
He paused for a moment
"Find the date and add it."
The secretary diligently added the date, [ date=Atys]2021/04/18 19:00 UTC[/date](*). The Karan resumed his dictation.
"It is usual in such circumstances to say a few words of praise about the deceased. I know, I can count on you to keep to vague generalities about her guiding skills and her respect for the values of different countries."
Karan paused again. Yes, his ambassador would show the necessary tact and respect, without giving the Rangers too much importance. Their organization was useful. But there was no way to give them more power than they already had.
"Jena Aiye. Matis Aiye. And give me this so I can sign it."
The secretary quickly obeyed.
The Karan proofread and, satisfied, affixed his seal to the letter. Which he handed to a messenger posted near the door.
"Have this taken to Ambassador Nilstilar."

(*) [OOC] On Sunday, 18 April 19:00:00 UTC (4 months ago).

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