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[Rangers] Funeral ceremony of Orphie Dradius (2021/04/18)

Some gloomy-looking rangers were posting notices in all the popular places.
Rangers, friends of the Rangers,
We have to accompany Orphie for the last time.
Meet us on 19h - Prima, Fallenor 7, 1st AC 2613(*) at the Ranger Circle, in Almati Wood.
In accordance with the Fyros rite, a funeral pyre will be set up and we will scatter her ashes.
You will all be encouraged to say a few words, if you wish.

Melga Folgore and Apocamus Dradius

* [OOC] On Sunday, 18 April 19:00:00 UTC (4 days ago).[/OOC]

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Honoured Orphie,

you have been a beacon to look up to, and I will miss you.
The newbie I am among the rangers, we only met a few times, and that even only briefly.
Yet I learnt a lot from you.We had our difference in the how-to, but the aim is important:
In you I marvel at your compassion,
your compassion to the homins,
and your dedication to science,
also to serve all homins.

Atys has lost in loosing you.
These, your values will always be with me on all my paths -
and may they continue to find much appreciation on Atys.
May the gods have merci on your soul, and may we always remember you with joy.

Farewell, great ranger,

Yours, Elke

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