#1 [en] 

When you crystalize a spell or charge the sap load of a weapon with the Sap Recharge actions, it costs dappers, but the game doesn't make this very clear. It would be much clearer if the game just showed a prompt saying how many dappers were lost and why. Could be added to the existing messages about crystalization and recharge, or could be a separate message. Either way, I think this would be a good idea because it's very easy to overlook the cost as it currently stands (which may leave you confused when you look at your dappers and see they're lower than before).

#2 [fr] 

quand on utilise les dappers, y a un message qui suggére qu'on a perdu les dappers et je pense que ce serait mieux de dire "utiliser" (du genre "vous avez utilisé 1000 dappers") car sinon ça suggére qu'on perd notre temps en jouant à ce jeu


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