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1. the info window of the sap refills shows a volume 0, but not the weight - yet they are very heavy. Could we see their weight displayed in the info window?

2. Zigs can carry very heavy loads, as long as they are out of the bag: my zig carries more than 2000 kg of sap refill, but when I put it in my bag, I cannot move (speed factor at 0). However, the volume of what they are carrying doesn't seem to be counted when they are in the bag...

3. FyrosFreddy tells me that the marauding bosses give each 4 refills of sap stacks, but we can't carry them, even if we share them.

Is this the reason why zigs can carry so much weight?

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Agree with point 1

Regarding point 2, it seems just natural that, whereas Zigs are quite strong, the minute you put them in your bag, it is your characters strength and not the Zig's which is taken into account, as such it's normal that you can't move when carrying a zig that's carrying 2000 Crystals itself.

As for point 3. Assuming you do a heavy boss with at least 14 other players on a bad day, why wouldn't you be able to carry the 4000/15th share? Even if you're preloaded with 2000 Crystals in your Zig's bag, as long as he stays out of yours you can keep loading more and more...



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